Is Shahrukh Khan putting up a brave face?

Is Shahrukh Khan putting up a brave face?
Yogen Shah

Reports say that SRK, who recently got injured while shooting for Happy New Year is fine. But is he really fine or is King Khan downplaying his pain?

Everyone was shocked when they heard that Shahrukh Khan got injured while shooting for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. You, like us, wanted to know how did it happen, is SRK fine and everything about his injury. Then we learnt that a door fell onto Shahrukh and though he managed to duck aside, he suffered from injuries. King Khan has been saying that these are only ‘minor’ injuries and reportedly has agreed to resume shooting for Happy New Year with Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Boman Irani from January 30. So, is SRK hale and hearty again? Actually, no!

His HNY director Farah told a popular daily, “His knee is busted and the shoulder has gone for a toss. His head too was bleeding profusely. Any other actor would have gone on a two-month rest, but we’ve only pushed the schedule back by a week. We’ll re-start with the low-intensity scenes and I can promise there will be no action or dance for SRK until he is completely recovered.”

Today, Shahrukh tweeted, “Been strapped around the joints last few days. Realised the truth of life thru bandages. Not too tight not too loose…keeps it comfortable.” Well, if he is bandaged and all, we wonder why Shahrukh is downplaying his injuries. All we hope for is that the actor gets well soon and rests until then. Don’t you think so too, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Shatta Abdulla

    O Ashvh not heal after a disease never .. Oh God, take his hand Ahrsh your eyes that never sleeps. Shah rukh

  • Shatta Abdulla

    I ask you for your kindness and great generosity and Stark’s nice to cure and provide him with health and wellness .. Shah rukh khan

  • bizpro

    Srk as brave as ever …any other actor would have taken a break for a month.
    He is not called badshah of bolly wood just for nothing.
    Get well soon srk …best wishes of your billions of fans all over the world are with you .

  • apsara attanayaka

    love you sharukh .get well soon.

  • apsara attanayaka

    The most beautiful face in the world ,were not want to change,The most lovely heart in the world,that you have, beautiful than your face.

  • Farhat Hafeez

    very much distressed to hear the incident which you faced,,ShahRukh God helps the brave,,would it possible for you to take a rest ..get well soon king khan..with lots of love ,,
    from dr.farhat and her friend dr. yasmin

  • Makarand Umarji

    Srk rulzzzzzz!

  • LM

    oh do get well soon king khan…i have never seen any1 as hardworking as you….YOU ARE THE TRUE HERO…HNY WILL BREAK ALL RECORDS….:)

  • Angel Anny

    Get well soon srk .love ur dedication towards ur work hatts off love u sir.