Is Shahrukh Khan saving up his movie paycheques for RA.One 2?

Is Shahrukh Khan saving up his movie paycheques for RA.One 2?

Considering all the meetings that our favourite superstar has been having and the piles of scripts that he is reportedly ploughing his way through, we had to wonder – why is SRK signing on a barrage of movies all of a sudden? Does he have plans to indulge his…err…passion further?

Shahrukh Khan has made his films on his own terms, at his own pace, and in the process has maintained an exclusivity that actors crave. Now it seems like the superstar is ready to let go of that snob value, given the number of movies he has been signing on to do.

For 2013, Shahrukh was supposed to do only two films: Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express and Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. But the actor has now started talks with Rohit for two more scripts that he wants to work on. Besides that, SRK has also started to hold court in Mannat, discussing plans to get set for Don 3 with Farhan Akhtar and producer Ritesh Sidhwani. Besides that there is also the oddly titled A For Apple, B For Billi, C For Cutta by a little known filmmaker called Anil Senior.

So, what we want to know now is: why? What is it that SRK wants for which he is sacrificing his exclusivity and making the mistakes that so many newbie actors make? Does he need money for a new house? Is he financing a new production company? Is his cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders going to get yet another image makeover? Of…and we like this one…does Shahrukh have plans for a sequel to RA.One? Remember that film? Shudder!

We understand that SRK must be under pressure, considering the fact that every superhero flick is expected to be a franchise of at least three or four sequels. But RA.One did get a National Award, remember? So that could have inspired Shahrukh to start thinking fondly of a new and improved – well, it couldn’t really get worse, could it? – version, where maybe G.One comes back as the kid’s new uncle and actually is a bad guy who has plans to take over the world one pixel at a time….wait, that sounds familiar, no? But it would explain why SRK is heading for a signing spree.

Or…what a diabolical thought!…maybe he wants to catch up and rush ahead of his favourite rivals, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, who have been churning out the Rs 100 crore hits all year….Someone tell us ki asli kahani kya hai!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • anonym

    I think, a family and in addition the “best friend” that wants a new home, everything is expensive….. If Gauri says bye bye, it will make very expensive…. many new films…a new Ra One… no thanks

    • Mine

      Well guess U r talking about Ur Dad and Ur Dads GF But what about Ur Mom? Dont worry there will be someone to take care of her.

  • BlaBlaBla

    OMG!!! Can u be more stupid!!!
    This is trash!!!!

  • Krisi

    No one can beat SRK !Expecally others Khans. Stop the stupid crap.”Ra.One”,”Don 2″,”Jab Tak Hai Jaan” was great movies,and I’m sure next movies will be too.Come one,we speaking about The King !

  • Preet

    You idiots! Aamirr churning out 100 cr movies every year? He has just 1! His last, Talaaash, despite having a solo release could barely get to 90! Morons!

    • kashyap

      He has 2, Ghajini and 3 idiots!. Talaash was not an out and out entertainer. Wait for dhoom 3

  • nasimahemad

    nice movi ill hope srk sure next story raone 2 pls difrent scriptes ok i like its

  • Tera Baap

    Wow. It’s not even funny how dumb this “writer” is. Yeah right, someone who topped the Forbes list of Richest Indian Celebrities is in need of money. He made Ra. One from his countless endorsement deals and business ventures not from signing a bunch of movies.

  • shreya

    asli kahani yeh hai ke teri gaand mein kujli hai,

  • Rajesh

    Shahrukh is not a mad …..he will never make 2 after the losses he suffered from

    • ra

      u r another one/////////////ra one was successfull,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and he wll surely make another one,,,,which one will be more bigger ,,,,,and nicer story,,,,,,

  • soma

    it was good movie,i hope to do another movie

  • kishan

    Disgusting article ..
    Boycott BollywoodLife…

  • Arsh

    Mr Reza, you are just one Moron to write an article like this about SRK. He is one of the best example as a human. He dsid not kill anyone neither he left his wife and got married to someone. You moron you even do not know the menaing of journalism. First learn how to write an article then you write about SRK. Jealousy is in your blood….

  • ash

    this writer loves to be called as slumdog. ghee kutto ko hazam nehi hota

  • Зара

    And do not you think Reza Noorani that such a wonderful person and an actor just wants to forget a lot of work on your (and other envious) idiotic nonsense unfair attacks on him. Have you thought about that????? SRK decent man and you all a long way from it.

  • shahid

    he is an actor,business man and all. The question i want you to ask what is the problem with the media journlists and people…he is making money for himself and family.He can sign as many movies he wants, because he is an actor.Its his wish to sign movies or make movies.

  • Aditya Sistla is one of the movies which stood along the standards of holly wood movies…either it be the comedy nd action plot or,VFX…the movie hiked the bolly wood standards!and iam very much eagerly waiting for the sequel!!SRK should move on with the idea of the sequel…its great!

  • amit

    some ppl r so jealous of srk that they spend a whole article trying to degrade him.
    some small bird must have overheard srk’s private conversations and repeated them to this writer!!!

  • barun rai

    raone2 must come

  • barun rai

    raone 2 must come

  • Raja Mondal




  • Alka

    Srk said today to HT that he will buy a plane if CE becomes successful. He already has one. Probably, he is planning on buyin the bigger one.