Is Shahrukh Khan the best role model and Salman Khan the sexiest man?

Is Shahrukh Khan the best role model and Salman Khan the sexiest man?

That’s what young India reveals in a survey conducted across the country

Even though young actors like Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan are inching closer day-by-day to top-star status, they are far away from the level of accomplishment and popularity attained by the 40-plus superstars. Recently, the Hindustan Times conducted a youth survey in which most participants voted Salman Khan in as the Sexiest Man Alive, followed by the young and sophisticated politician Rahul Gandhi and B-town’s Greek god Hrithik Roshan. It’s no surprise that Salman made it to the top of the pack, ‘coz not only does possess the fittest body in B-town, but he is single, has a care-two-hoots attitude and is deeply involved in charity work. Isn’t that a sure-shot recipe for popularity? But what is surprising is that Salman’s ex-lady love is not far behind him in this race. The gorgeous Katrina Kaif was selected as the Sexiest Women Alive, and after her is Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie and sexy B-towner Bipasha Basu.

However, the one person who made it to the top spot in the survey purely on the basis of his brains and not his body is Shahrukh Khan. The Indian youth chose the 44-year-old superstar as the Best Living Role Model. Undoubtedly, the RA.One actor’s life is exemplary, as in the true sense and spirit of the name he has created his own destiny. This outsider has achieved almost everything he set out to do when he started in Bollywood. In the Role Model category, next came the not-so-young ex-president APJ Abdul Kalam and the Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. All we can say to this is that when it comes to inspiration and aspiration, B-towners rock! Don’t you agree?

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  • saroj

    srk is the best role model for whole indian yuth ,,but not sallu…,,sallu ne kitne aadmi ko maar diya tha….

    • ally

      Aur srk ne kitne thhappar maaray?

      how many people has srk slapped? perfect role model lol

      • ally

        yap i agree SRK is the real role model for last 20 years till today. Salman khan not only smoke..he also get drunk often in every party!!!!!

      • kishor

        salman ne kitne logon ko mare?about slapping its a roumer

    • Swapna

      Kitne aadmi maar diya tha? Please tell. Do you have any sense? One person was killed in an ACCIDENT which can happen to you as well.

      • tarun

        u have sense ..accident can happen ?if salman not drunk it not happen..srk all ways best beacuse every father say to his son to be like srk not salman like bad guy//

  • natasha

    srk is a chain smoker so he’s not the best role model, Sallu is the sexiest.

    • sasha

      sallu is a chain smoker too

      • ali

        Sallu smokes but not like srk who easily smokes 1 or 2 packs a day.

        • ally

          sallu also get drunk every partyy…also he kills poor ppl on the the street and bits women ..shameless man Salman Khan!!!!

          • Indra

            How do you know he gets drunk at every party? Do you attend those parties? And what do you mean by he kills people? Does he do it everyday? you idiot!!

        • rizwan

          and how you know srk smokes i/2 packs a day?did yu smoke with him!

      • Swapna

        We are talking about sexy here. Smoking makes him even sexier.

  • millan

    King remains the king…U have to accept it….
    I love u SRK….

  • moola

    katrina <3

  • Maria

    abandoned dogs like srk can never be role models.

    • nado

      hahahaha you’re one as well!!

  • Swapna

    Salman- sexy? YES YES. Shahrukh – role model? NO NO. No way. A selfish, manipulative, vindictive person who is only after money and fame can’t be a role model.

    • the game changer

      u got to be an idiot to say such a thing …….
      ling khan has taken bollywood to new heights and now is at par with bollywood so shut up ……….
      a common man to king that is how role modeks are …….

  • shaista

    Oh ppl get a life , u jst hav 2 eccept salman khan is da king khan da sexiest man alive I totaly agree wit da pole 4 him being voted sexiest.. His so charming his simply irisistble.. We love u salman khan may almighty bless u n give u my life 2 ameen !!

  • ujjal

    srk is a role model,it is a great joke. biwi and children hote be another woman ki shat relation kor ta hai.what a personality.faltu role model.

    • sahil ahuja

      teri biwi kw sath kuch kiya kya . he is the most successfull actor and a well settled personality. a real role model .

    • vishal markad

      kiske sath relation hain

    • amir

      tu uske ghar mei rehta hai kya ki tuhe yeh baat maluum hai?

  • divya (pune)

    sallu lallu sexy ha ha ha ha
    what a joke ….. ha is a real bad actor and can only show his fat body
    aamir and srk real kings ……..

  • sahil ahuja

    shut up you all . look at hollywood actors who realy deserve such tags . sallu is fat and a murderer . he should not even be an actor.

  • samantha

    i love u srk . u da best . we can learn a lot from your life .

  • Imran

    SRK a role model because he wrote his own destiny, so what if he smokes, he isn’t telling anyone to smoke, he made money with hard work and brains and his success story is unfathomable. Salman had a killer body for his whole career so he deserves to be the most handsome. You idiots start fighting and comparing these two at the drop a hat.

  • Mik

    By doing some heavy charity works and as they say the Monkey with Golden heart….Lallu may have to be the role model…then how this happened…ohhh poor lallu….how dissapointinggg…after all he tried to remake his image and for publicity…its still not workinggg…;((….and about the sexiest man it have to be Hrithik for sure…hes Greek God….

  • kishor

    yes srk is the role model.but salman is not sexiest man…hrithik is sexiest man

  • Mehr

    haan Shah Rukh is the best role model to any male & I’m a woman.. I can say he is the best & only gentleman I have seen.

    • chautpole

      u must not go outside if hes the only gentlemen u have seen. get a life

  • sam

    for gays srgsy pure role model

    • amir

      so do u think all the people who voted are gay? what a jealous loser.

  • vishu

    yaaa,,,,srk desrve it,,,shahrukh real role model hai,,,nd sallu bhi acha dikhta hai bhot,,,but sabse sexy ni hai,,,,us se sexy to hritik hai,,shahid hai,,john hai

  • rahul

    Hahaha srgay a role model ,a chain smoker , a guy who cheats on his wife with both man and woman, a guy that is invoveld in 2G scam money for his ,a drunk person who comes from behind to slap people .role model my foot,sachin should be no 1 and srgay shouldnt be in the list

    • amir

      haha, i pity jealous losers like u. a role model isn’t someone who has to be perfect cuz no one is perfect. even if he smokes, he tells people not to. r u involved in his personal life to know if he has affairs or not or if he was involved in the scam? as for the fight, many ppl have said shirish was drunk and misbehaving, not srk. all u haters keep barking but public vote has shown otherwise, and all u guys can think of as an insult is that he’s gay. pathetic!

  • vidya

    Salman doesn’t need anybody’s certificate to prove that he is sexy. He is the ultimate. Others are lallu in front of him. And srk is just a joker. Hero of gays and money minded people.

    • nado

      i think its the other way round!!

    • amir

      srk doesn’t need to prove that he’s a hero. I pit people like u who can only think of gay as an insult.

  • bijen

    everyone want be like srk.

  • rony

    srk gay n bi lolz,sallu best

  • Alpha Amadou Jallow

    i think the headline is right and make one mistake hrithik roshan the sexiest. SO


  • riya

    110% percent srk is role model he is king khan he truly model N gud 4 everything

  • zara

    Seriously… Salman the “sexiest man”??

    WTF…No comment,well, I’ll make one,lol:

    “Shiv Pandit is the sexiest among the new generation (not the “ranbir”/”imran” things or whatsoever…) and SRK is both a role model and the sexiest man of his generation.”

  • angel

    oh guys please stop crying if salman wins the sexiest man alive and it is not just public even the leading men like dharmendra,govinda,aamir ,akshay,imran,neil,even ur srk etc and so many more has confessed in their respective interviews that salman is one of the most handsome and attractive male to be appeared on indian silver screen ever,so denying d obvious fact will only prove that u people are blind wid proper eyes not the genuine public who voted him the sexiest man grow up and god bless.

  • zulfiqar

    u morons SRK is the best of all,he is the king of bollywood.

    • renz

      I agree..I prefer to think of people as equal but Khan is awesome!!!



  • Priscilla

    Yes I agree !