Is Shahrukh Khan the most misunderstood celebrity in B-town?

Brash, arrogant and haughty – adjectives used to define the dark side of Shahrukh Khan are many. Such is the swagger and style of the Baadshah of Bollywood that whatever he says tends to get twisted, with full-on masaledar tadka, to provide a potent dose of relentless entertainment. So we decided to jump on the bandwagon to interpret some of SRK’s tongue-in-cheek quotes to make them more interesting and colourful! With no apologies and a giggle on top, here’s Shahrukh Khan, BollywoodLife ishtyle….

As Shahrukh Khan blew out 48 candles on his birthday cake a few days ago BollywoodLife was there, waiting patiently for the man to spill his unique pearls of wisdom in his trademark style. The charmer was at his candid best on that special day and we decided to play with his carefully crafted words to try and understand the subliminal messages in his enlightening conversation with the media. We decided to sneak into SRK’s head to figure out possible interpretations of his words. And, of course, we saw and heard it all through the wicked prism that is BollywoodLife!

SRK: : I have not said many inspiring dialogues in my career. I have only said romantic lines. But my favorite line  is agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori kaynath tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai if you really want something in life very desperately then the entire universe conspires itself to make that thing happen for you.  

What We Heard: I have not said many inspiring dialogues in my career. I have only said romantic lines. And how many of my non-romantic films worked? I certainly can’t repeat sattar minute long speech from Chak De India! for the rest of my life!


 SRK: I am not playing a college-goer any more in any of my films!

WWH: But I still show off to my adoring public with the antics and restlessness of a schoolboy, for sure!


SRK: One should spend at least 30 minutes a day doing something – in fact, anything, that will make you sweat!

WWH: Okay, I think it’s time I thought up a new show I can spend some of my hyper-energy on!


SRK: I have not achieved anything in my life in terms of my profession. I still have a long way to go.

WWH: So I know that I am not a great actor. I am just lucky…so far!


SRK: I appeal to all those smokers out there. It is my request in fact, that they should quit smoking. If you quit smoking, then that will inspire me to kick the butt too!

WWH: I need to smoke, but telling you to stop will help me feel better about smoking, no? A good deed is always a good thing!


SRK: To achieve success you have to remain dissatisfied, which does not mean you have to be cynical and angry. Zyada plan mat karo, zyada socho mat.

WWH: Did I plan the making or the flop of RA.One? Absolutely not! But getting angry or cynical is not helping me come up with a better story for a sequel!


SRK: Don’t be pompous about your success and don’t be disheartened about your failures. Don’t be hard on yourself.

WWH:I have learned the lesson the hard way after my superhero, super disaster, RA. One!


SRK: Oh my God – to be Shahrukh Khan is the best feeling in the world!

WWH: Yeah, it is much better than ‘Being Human’!


SRK: I am bad with social etiquette. I don’t remember important days, people’s birthdays, and I am really sorry for that.

WWH: I forgot to wish you on your birthday last time, but you still have to give me a present!


SRK: I don’t make movies according to my wishes and desires!

WWH: I make movies according to my bank balance…and the number of special songs I want in them.


SRK: I feel that AbRam has the spark to be the next Shahrukh Khan!

WWH: And a certain Kapoor lad thinks he can become the next SRK? Ha!