Is Shahrukh Khan trying to ape Salman Khan’s Godfather act?

Is Shahrukh Khan trying to ape Salman Khan’s Godfather act?
Yogen Shah

Well, he isn’t mentoring anyone. At least not yet!

A little birdie tells us that Shahrukh Khan was spotted attending the launch of 69, a new bar in Mumbai. The event was also attended by youngsters like Prateik Babbar, Amit Sadh, Jackky Bhagnani and Shahid Kapor. Considering that neither of SRK’s close buddies Arjun Rampal and Hrithik Roshan are keeping him company these days, wethinks that Shahrukh is now finding company in these young budding actors. Now we wonder if along with partying with them, King Khan will now follow Salman Khan’s footsteps in mentoring newbies. Everyone knows how Sallu turns a guiding light for newbies in B-town so that their careers soar high. Prateik, Jackky and even Shahid are known actors in B-town but one knows that not all their films are hit, hai na?

Well, we won’t be surprised to learn that SRK is already mentoring Shahid ‘coz at the party he was spotted with a new hairstyle. And well, the ponytail reminded us of one of Shahrukh’s previous looks. We know that Shahid’s new hairstyle is his look for Haider but we’re just saying. For now, let’s wait n’ watch the B-town career of those partying with SRK. What say, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • anonymous

    very stupid………..lame & vague……….bolly life plz stop publishing such stupid 7 nonsensical story dat bears no meaning………..

  • Balance

    Please don’t use SRK’s name whenever you want to write about your hero Salman Khan!! You are doing it again and again. Just leave The King alone!! It is not professional or faire!! God you guys don’t get tired of degrading and bashing him??

    • chaari

      Srk wants to befriend shahid now??hmmmmmmm.. .This yet again seems to be
      a very strategical approach of Srk. Not many ppl knw that not so long
      ago, there was some news suggesting dat shahid unfollowed Srk on the twitter and it was around the time when shahid and priyanka breakup news was doing rounds and the reason behind their breakup was being made out as srk’s proximity to priynka, but I guess Shahid added Srk back to his following list
      again and this was “last minute” addition so as to avoid any ugly
      faceoff in the media.. i feell shahid crtnly doesn’t need any
      upliftment from Srk not at this point of his career at least… …but i
      noticed that there is always a connection between Srk and the last
      minute thingy other than priyanka of course..

    • Neutral

      @Balance..I don’t see anything wrong in the website article..It is a good thing that SRK is reaching out to newcomers, which he was supposed to do long time back…don’t understand why they are mentioning about actors like Shahid, Arjun and Hrithik as if SRK was helpful in launching their careers? Lol ..I also don’t understand what’s so degrading and bashing about this good deed and it goes to show that he is encouraging the careers of new comers..Next thing i know is that u will be saying that people ARE DESCRATING ur fav actor and that website itself is a fake…no need to exaggerate things u acting like a drama queen..(rollingeyes) ur views are completely baseless..

  • raj

    chtiyon article likhne ki na to tameez hai nahi koi standard bas jabardasti ka kuch bhi bana ke likh dena hai

  • asshole

    stop it fuckerssssssssssssss

  • akshay

    Serslyy kchh b… srk n bhaii ka cmparisnn… hv u guyyzzz lost it. Vo partyy me mile to vl he guid demm screww u ppl… bhai n srk r diff ppl lt dm b haappy in deir livs..n jst dnt cmpare ny1..