Is Shahrukh Khan trying to steal Salman Khan’s lucky date?

Tue, February 18, 2014 5:00pm IST by

Is Shahrukh Khan trying to steal Salman Khan’s lucky date?
Yogen Shah

We all know Sallu miyaan prefers releasing his films on Eid as the festive occasion has always proved to be lucky for him. But in 2015 it will be SRK and not Salman who will rule the box office on Eid

Last year, Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Chennai Express which hit the theatres on Eid went on to break many box office records. And looks like King Khan wants to repeat his phenomenal success once again and therefore his film Raees has reportedly been scheduled for an Eid release in 2015. But isn’t Eid lucky for his arch rival Salman Khan? It is and we hear even SK might release his film to be directed by Kabir Khan on the Eid weekend in the same year. That’s not surprising considering his four blockbuster films – Wanted, Bodyguard, Dabangg and Ek Tha Tiger had released during Eid. In fact, this year too Sallu’s Kick co-starring Jacqueline Fernandez is set for an Eid release. So if the bhai of Bollywood decides to stick with his lucky date 2015 then the audience will witness the biggest box office battle of that year wethinks!

While talking to a tabloid, co-producer of Raees – Ritesh Sidhwani said, “Yes, that’s what (Eid release) we are working towards.” On the other hand, Diwali has been lucky for Shahrukh just like Eid has been for Salman. But it seems since the CE is star is stealing Dabangg Khan’s lucky date; the latter is doing the same. Well, rumours also are rife that Sallu has locked Diwali in 2015 for his film with Sooraj Barjatya which also stars Sonam Kapoor in the lead.

So in 2015 SRK will create dhoom on Eid and Salman on Diwali. But will the whole date swapping strategy work or backfire? Only time will tell!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • manish

    i would like to c KING KHAN on the EID, so srk u r the best actor i ever have seen.

  • mukund

    well its time to show some actoin that no 1 in the bolltwood can with stand the compitation with SRK, so accouring to me, SRK should smash the boxoffice in EID and say tht DONTUNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF KING KHAN.


    these day’s SRK is doing all of his film well and i would say CHACK DE to SRK and i would really enjoy the film done by him n EID so SRk rock’s

  • priya

    I am the bigggeesst fan of SRK and it will be GI8 to have SRK’S film in EID patticularly, and i think SRK should release all of him fims at EID because CE was a biggest jackpot to SRK and he should always go for EID release.

  • Fiiroz

    Salman cannot be replaced by SRK on eid, CE was a fluke hit,mostly for Deepika , this eid kick will kick all ur asses!

  • milan227



  • Lemo

    Fake news. Salman has already booked eid slot for bade bhaiya. So no chance at all.

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    SRK has grown to his stardom eating Salman’s dusts. Be the films rejected by Salman or taking Salman’s releasing dates. Salman’s family was so hospitable to SRK during his struggling days. Salman used to take him to film sets and to introduce him tothe film makers. Admit this, everybody.
    On the other hand, SRK is hard-working and a smart businessman. He puts business and stardom ahead of everything. On the contrary, Salman is emotional and always worked with or helped his friends and family. He puts relationship ahead of everything. So, it has always been Relationship (Salman) vs Business or Stardom (SRK).
    He doesn’t work as hard as SRK does. And he has always used his charm and aura in his films. So, you can call Salman a superstar who doesn’t want to be actor. Thus, when Salman does intense dramatic scenes or cries in movies, it sucks big time.
    By the way, it will be interesting to see some clashes among the Bollywood biggies. Nothing to be afraid of clashing if the movies are good. In Tamil film industry, Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan used to clash, movies of both heroes used to click at the BO. Today, Vijay and Ajith clash. Stil it works. Let’s see what happens when SRK-Rahul Dholakia’s film clashes with Salman Khan-Kabir Khan film during Eid 2015. It’s too early to comment anything. Both are superstars with a huge loyal fan base.