Is Shahrukh Khan upset with negative reviews of ‘Don 2′?

Is Shahrukh Khan upset with negative reviews of ‘Don 2′?

Shahrukh Khan has cut short his holiday plans to start working post haste on his next romantic film with Yash Chopra

Shahrukh Khan was recently labelled the ‘most hardworking star of Bollywood’ and it seems that he has taken the moniker a little too seriously. After a gruelling 2011 thanks to his ambitious films RA.One and Don 2, we were happy when we heard that SRK would be taking a long break for some quality family time to recuperate and rejuvenate. He has been all over the globe, shooting and promoting his films and he deserved a vacation, wethought. Now we hear that he has dropped the idea of a long holiday and will settle for four days off with his family and come back early for Yash Chopra’s romantic film that he has signed with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. This one will be Shahrukh’s return to romance after Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, which released almost three years ago. His outings as an action hero haven’t been received too well and all the critics have disliked both RA.One and Don 2. His loyal fans have ensured that his films don’t crash at the BO, but it seems that SRK is disappointed by his recent record and wants to do some damage control, for which he is banking on the Yash Chopra film, where he will be seen romancing the Chikni Chameli babe for the first time. As excited as we are about watching SRK stand with his feet apart, fling his arms out, and sing soulfully as a romantic hero once again, we just hope he doesn’t burn himself out with all the hard work that he is putting into his work. We want to see more of him for a long time to come, after all!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • abir

    Who writes these crappy articles, Don 2 wasn’t disliked by all critics, what biased writing

    • Saurabh

      It’s just a matter of personal choice.. afterall! people who review films r also a human being just like us.. so, definitely each n every person wil hv different vision altogether.. According 2 me, SHAHRUKH KHAN, HRITHIK ROSHAN & SALMAN KHAN, all three r my favourites, i like dese 3 only cuz all 3 r talented n hv different calibre..

  • Elyza

    you just cant stand to see him stand tall can you. pretty pathetic! he will always remain on the biggest movie star in the world & you will always remains a low life small article writer who only gets people to read your article by inserting SRK’s name in the title.

  • ab

    bhai salman amir se paise khaye h kya

  • saurabh

    is site ka owner kya salman khan hai

  • vinay anjal

    the don of bollywood,,,,,,,

  • ARSALN khan


  • Sanjeev

    dear writer & Even dearer the editor of the site. You are surely full of hatred and prejudice for this Khan. I am not SRK fan but Pity on you. You seem to be lot short of sense & full of inferiority complex.

  • dipu

    Srk’s Don2 is getting good response day by day and it’s response in oerseas is fantastic and in india in multiplexes it is going very well.SRK’s acting is superb.The critics are very happy with the acting of SRK and people also like him.Just compare the film bodyguard and delly belly what a stupid film.But still this site is displaying bias against SRK.Only god will help you mydear stupid site.I will never visit this site again.

  • Bharat

    U all salman fan’s are the stupid & salman is the “sabse bada stupid”. SRK the real megastar of bollywood.

    • pavan

      King is star forever….only one king for an empire(bollywood)ie SRK mind it rascals

  • shakti

    In reality most Indian critics gave it 3 stars out of 4 so this story is a lie right there.

    Everyone I know liked Don 2 and that included a few who hadn’t seen a Shahrukh Khan movie in years.

    The writer is just another jealous wanttobe.

  • Demonoid


  • Raj

    All are waiting for the dwell of SRK and Amir in “Dhoom 3″ under Yash Raj Films!Even me too and not for romantic films.Expectation is getting a monumental height after seeing the performance of SRK in Don 2.

    Like us and please be in touch @ face bk fan page of “Don 2 Vs Dhoom 3″ for more!

  • anushka

    all the critics have disliked ? i mean all????
    is there even someone to proofread the articles on here? what’s the use of a website if the news they post are 1) not genuine .2) unproved 3)totally wrong
    plz do some research before writing any articles

  • Asad khan nasar

    Reviews of don2 is superb because don2 is really excellent movie i really like it….srk rockssssssss…..

  • daniyal

    who wrote the article is totally mad…don 2 is getting extremely positive reviews and has broken all overseas record and expert are saying that by seing the pace of don 2 it will break all domestic record also..and most of the critic has given 4 star out of 5 to don 2 and don 2 is labbeled as the best film of 2011 by critic and audience..only few critics have given 3 star out of 5.

    • Panda

      ya dude its extremely good movie

    • peggy

      I agree that the movie was great!! saw it 2 times.. I think all the negative reviews come from Salman and AAmir camps. Any thing SRK does not go well with some people.Movies like Dhoom and KRISH which are just ok will get RAVE REVIEWS.. I do not understand the logic here!!!

  • Abhishek

    yeah the movie was nice and reviews are also extremely positive……….

  • Sonny

    Okay, nearly all critics disliked Ra.One but complimented it’s VFX.. Don 2 is getting mixed-positive reviews but even the negative ones compliment Shahrukh.. Critics overseas gave both films Positive reviews because they understand that movies like these are one of a kind for Bollywood.. Basically, the whole world loves Shahrukh and now India is turning against him? They seem to like crap films like Ready, Bodyguard etc but they don’t want films that make Bollywood better? India says they want more Hollywood in their movies and then complain that Don 2 has no music and dancing? It seems like, while the world is praising India for Ra.One and Don 2, India is insulting Shahrukh.. let me tell you, when the next 2-4 romantic films come out, India will surely love them, the tapooris like all this romance and dancing.. just wait, THE KING IS BACK!!

  • aks

    this is the worst site in the world.,..

  • aks

    this is the worst site in the world.,…
    is’nt it guys… ??

    • Arnab200060

      thumbs up

  • guest

    why u guys spreading anti SRK campaign all the time. who gave u money for that, Salman, Aamir…?? u guys dnt have anything to write wont write, but dnt play the favoritism

  • Sanj

    Mr. Jealous writer. Have the figures in your mind.

    DON 2′s collection till wed. night are whopping Rs. 76 crore (only INDIA). Well ! Reviews………. lo! ask the people who’ve just come out watching it. you’ll get 90% positive reviews. I think its more than enough to tell you that What kid of a movie DON 2 is and ya! U may verify the figures when they come out at 5 pm today. All the best Mr. Hatred.

  • Rehan

    This article is false !!! You need to get your facts straight otherwise all you’re doing is publishing misleading information !!!

    Don 2 has received mostly positive reviews in India and all positive outside India. And as the Box Office Collections suggest; the audience has also appreciated it.

    I saw it myself last night and can say it was absolutely awesome !!!

  • Pradeep

    definetly better than ” dabbagaurd” and Bored al”READY”

  • Arnab200060

    jitna bhi chat lo kutta kutta hi raheta hai aur king king hi raheta hai..don 2 awesome…RaOne was pathbreaker…king rules

  • Demonoid



  • christina

    Dude whoever wrote this article should be fired because i just saw Don2 and shahrukh act was fab even the articles said so, and also had real action sequences unlike salman’s movies where hero is fighting 100 villians in the air and flying all around:/ they should be ashamed of themselves for spreading such rumors.

    • lybeckham

      yeah i agree with u..@christina

    • Pakaooooo!!!

      @christina Jhaat dekha hai ..kabhi seedha kerney ki koshis ki hai..Nahi..Ohh To kero na..Kyunki us type ki acting Sallu bahi nahi kiya kertey hai..jhandu actor hai SRGAy..:D:D:D

      • salim

        madhar chod paakaoo.. ,agar srk gay hota to teri maa ko chodkar tujhe kaise paida karta,….,haan par tu jaroor gay hai kyunki tu lallu ka lauda peena chahta hai,lallu bhi gay sala isi darr se shadi nhi karta sochta hoga ki ab to srk bhi dost nhi raha uski biwi kaun chodega,khair chhod tu baithke lallu ka lauda pee madhar chod

        king khan rockss….

  • mehta dhruv

    all the rumors are totally rubbish.DON-2 and RA.ONE are the biggest films of 2011

    • KAMAL

      HA HAHA……!
      yes… biggest kachra 1 films by biggest kachara 1 over actor!

  • mohammad hidayath

    dis is the biggest joke of da year . . . who the hell wrote diz damit . . .

  • jhj

    anti srk .salman rascal website

  • amit

    srgay is dying to hear the word ‘king’ bt srgay ur faltu overacting era is over,now time for dabangg khan who is a real superstar who is atleast trying to being human bt srgay who only sleeps with kjo is a worst nt human being bt a jealous and egoistic creature of our planet,a star who always ready for free publicity like in us airport,commenting on salmans film and most recently he crossed his limit and used his own daughter for his film don2,sorry to say bt a very shameless father who can do everything for his own publicity.shame on u srgay and his most loyal fans those who still like him.

  • salim

    madhar chod lallu fans,lallu ki gand chato ja ke,sale lallu ki movie zyada kamaye iske liye 2-2bar uski picture dekhte ho aur king khan ki nhi dekhte,socho agar hum log lallu ki movies dekhna band kar de to lallu ki gand main itne chhedd ho jayenge ki wo madhar chod apni gand marata rahega sabse,,..
    king khan rocks