Is Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Don 2’ inspired by ‘Prison Break’?

An insider tells us that Farhan Akhtar’s Don sequel is similar to the popular American TV series

Inspiration can come from anywhere and Bollywood is the place where inspirations rule the roost. Sometimes credited in the film, sometimes not, this trend has been around for quite some time. Just when we were preparing to meet the Don 2 team at a promotional event, an insider whispered in our ears that the idea of Don getting into a Malaysian jail to free Vardhan (Boman Irani) is based on the theme of Prison Break, the popular American TV series which ended in 2009. The source also added that the international look and feel of the film comes from the same series. While we aren’t totally sure about this ‘inspiration’ we also cannot pretend that it is mere coincidence. Director Farhan Akhtar is known for his original ideas, but does that mean he can never be inspired? There is also the possibility that Farhan followed the show when it was on air and the idea stuck with him while he was writing the Don sequel. May be it was King Khan himself who suggested the idea to Farhan. Whatever the case is, we loved the promo of the film as it takes Bollywood to a new high, as far as the world-class production value of the film is concerned. We will save our verdict about the film till we watch it on the big screen.

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