Is Shahrukh Khan’s name enough to make a movie around it?

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh, naam hi kaafi hai. Well atleast the makers of the upcoming Yeh Hai Bakrapur definitely think so…

Yeh Hai Bakrapur written and directed by National Award winner Janaki Vishwanathan , has received over 8 lakh hits on the internet since the announcement that the lead character in the movie is Shah Rukh the goat. The tagline of the trailer ‘Yahan Shah Rukh mein rab dikhta hai’ is the new gossip over the social websites.

On this Janaki says, “Last year, I read a newspaper article about a particular goat and that triggered the idea of making a film on goat. During research of the movie in small towns, I’ve learnt that pets are named after bollywood stars. I was surprised to learn that goats are called Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir. There was also a goat named Saifeena, which was sold for Rs 6 lakh during Bakri Eid last year.”

“It’s a 90 minute short film and is a socio-political satire. The movie also stars Anshuman Jha who was seen in Love Sex Aur Dhoka. The goat is the pet of a little boy who’s a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan. The name Shahrukh means the face of the emperor. So in a way, it’s divine and that’s exactly what the goat’s character in the film depicts” says Janaki about the movie’s plot.

“I don’t think Shahrukh Khan would get offended by this. We would be more than happy if he agrees to see the film. we have approached him to watch the film as I feel he’ll connect with the content. He’s got a great sense of humour.” says Janaki on asking if she is worried that Shahrukh will be offended by her film.

Yeh hai Bakrapur is set to release on 25th April 2014 and we are desperate to see how a film is woven just around Shahrukh’s name. What about you peeps?

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    SRGAY IS REAL BAKRA OF BOLLYWOOD.mmmmmmmmmmm.Bakri Fans Ab Bhonko

    • mcs3295

      shut up plz he will not be affected by u calling him gay becoz he has 3 children if u dont knw

    • Brand SRK

      Dear ACE, u stil dont kno d power of Brand SRK!

    • Srkian

      Ace gay i think you look for dick for your ass hole but no one here is gay.

  • cindyd

    I think Mr. Khan will laugh with them:) he has a GREAT sense of humor about himself:)

  • Eman

    Damn and audacity of the producers of this film Zbalho Hakarjadda Fuck Ya Life Bollywood life

  • Eman

    Originally Bollywood stars are not honorable originally better and better star Shah Rukh Khan is the biggest of the production of the film is very despicable and ridiculous

  • Eman

    حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

  • Rnoela Lorraine

    I seriously doubt that Shah Rukh Khan is offended about a child naming his goat after him, especially since the child is a Fan of his. However, in my opinion, people should not be allowed to use Shah Rukh Khan’s name to make a profit without his knowledge & consent along with all due business legalities taken care of because his name, alone, is so highly popular and profitable. Business is business and if you are going to be a part of it seeking profits, then shouldn’t you be required to follow protocol or be held accountable? I know there are people who think that Shah Rukh Khan profits enough and does not “need” more money or royalties, etc. But, that’s beside the point. Whether a person needs it or not, shouldn’t he be entitled to his due? I don’t know if these movie producers etc. have met with Shah Rukh and made necessary arrangements with him to use his name. And, I don’t wish them any misfortune. Sadly, though, there are scores of people all over the planet profiting from using Shah Rukh Khan’s name without his knowledge or consent and without arranging to pay him his due or obtaining his signed agreement that he will forego it. After all, think about it. If it was YOUR name that people were profiting off of, YOU would want YOUR due share as well, right? Well, that’s just a thought that keeps turning over and over in my head. I believe that, despite being a shrewd business man, Mr. Khan generally tries to be thoughtful and fair in his business dealings because he seems to a basically considerate and thoughtful person. Still, we don’t live in a world in which everything is balanced and fair. Therefore, it seems to me that it is necessary for people to protect their own interests, especially when a goat stands to profit off of you and inadvertently puts you at the “butt” end of jokes — even if you get a “kick” out of them yourself. Oh well, at least the image of the goat for this movie “Yeh Hai Bakrapur” looks rather handsome and cool.

  • DabanggFan

    Did the Makers of this film contact Shahrukh Khan before making the film? or it is like Make Fun of Anyone who is famous to earn a few bucks? These South Indians get offended by things in Bollywood which do not even really offend any sentiments. And now this South Indian Lady makes a movie Completely against an Actor who is Most Respected and Most Loved Indian Actor in World?
    Get a Life Losers!

  • Farhat Hafeez

    Since last 10 years goats and cows are sailed in bakra munde of Pakistan on Eidulazha by the name of Shahrukh khan salman khan and Kareena kapoor and the most expensive are always named ShahRukh khan.

  • Srkian

    the producer of film is salman fan