Is Sonakshi the new Vidya Balan?

These days the Dabangg actor is being talked about more for her weight issues than her performances (the one film she has done, at least). Which reminds us rather of another hatke looking actress who wowed us in Ishqiya

There was a time when Vidya Balan was constantly under the scanner for her fashion faux pas and for being overweight. No matter what she did, she couldn’t change the media and public perception of her style and shape. After a point she let it go and began focusing on what she does best: acting. Young Sonakshi Sinha now finds herself in the same spot, with the combined attention of every fashion critic and calorie-counter focussed on her and her figure. Recently on her TV show, Simi Garewal showed a picture of an extremely overweight Sonakshi to the audience, and the actor looked slightly embarrassed, going pink to match her flowy gown. Even the tarot reader on the show advised her to watch her diet – at least, the cards said so!

The curvy actor has weight problems and has admitted that she tends to pile on kilos in a jiffy if she doesn’t stick to her diet and workouts. Also, Sona tends to lose a few kilos and then gain it all again, almost in a cyclic pattern. And, in another Vidya-like reflection, her outfits often don’t make her look any thinner either! The latest buzz is that Sonakshi didn’t opt out of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam herself, but was ousted because she would not be able to do the action scenes required with the weight she carries, or so we hear. The story goes that the director gave her a couple of months to get into shape, after which she would have to do costume trials and begin physical training. However, Sonakshi did not manage to do that and so lost the part. So what is she going to do about Race 2, where she will be showing off a new slinky self and wear very modern clothes? Can she do it? If not, we wait to see if she can emulate Ms Balan and carry all the…err…weight with her acting talent rather than her figure!