Is Sonam Kapoor more stylish than Deepika Padukone? Siddharth Mallya thinks so!

The Mallya scion, who is reportedly dating the Desi Boyz actor, stated he finds her rival better put together

Siddharth Mallya seems to have not yet got over the shock of the fall of his father’s aviation business. That’s the only way we can rationalise the otherwise quiet guy making a war-provoking statement at a recent awards ceremony. We won’t be surprised if Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, two of Bollywood’s top heroines who have always been cordial to each other, suddenly break into a catfight, thanks to Sid. Deepika’s ‘very good friend’ Siddharth was asked at the event who he thought was the most stylish female actor. You would expect him to choose Deepika, but surprise, surprise, he picked Sonam! “Most stylish actress! I think Sonam dresses pretty well – they all doll up pretty well. But Sonam looks pretty good,” he said. And we held our collective breath. Wethought that maybe he would choose the lady who is so often at his side at assorted dos, but no! When asked about her style, the Kingfisher scion nonchalantly said, “She has not got a bad sense of style either.” Uh oh. Something’s definitely wrong in paradise, don’t you think? Or is this the route that the closely connected duo has chosen to put off the paparazzi trail and get a break from the ‘loving-couple’ stories? And then we had another thought: We wonder who Deepika will name if she had to choose the most stylish young industrialist!