Is Sonam Shahid’s new best buddy?

The actor is said to have a mysterious new person in his life and we know who claims to be it!

While Shahid is busy promoting his next film, Mausam, someone from B-town is claiming to be his best buddy. And that ‘someone’ is none other than his Mausam co-star, Sonam Kapoor. Recently, at a promotional event, Sonam and Shahid interacted with the media and talked their hearts out about everything under the sun. Sonam is apparently going around telling people that her chemistry with Shahid during the shoot was so great that she wouldn’t mind labelling him as her ‘best’ friend. When Shahid was confronted about his so-called ‘amazing rapport’ with his co-star, he just smiled, put on a nicely clueless expression and went on to explain that he and Sonam are just good buddies and  calling them ‘best friends’ would be a bit too much. Sonam’s previous records state that whoever’s worked/been friends with her has spoken their mind and thus landed in huge heaps of trouble. When Abhay Deol regretted working in Aisha, when ex beau Ranbir Kapoor rated her as the lowest on sex appeal on a chat show – these are just a couple of instances when people who went against her witnessed the temperamental Sonam’s bitter side. Well, it’s not hard to guess that Shahid is likely to be next in the hate line. Well, what we make of the whole story is that Sonam is in desperate need of a best friend, someone she can rave, rant and gossip with, perhaps!