Is Sonu Sood the new Arjun Rampal of Bollywood?

The Dabangg actor has replaced the RA.One actor in two projects

AS IT STANDS: Sonu Sood features in two big films — Happy Hew Year with Shah Rukh Khan and Entertainment with Akshay Kumar.

SO? Under different circumstances, these would be Arjun Rampal’s roles.

WHY? Arjun was in both SRK’s and Akshay’s films before. And actors with comfort factor always want to repeat the experience of working together. He has worked with SRK in Om Shanti Om, RA.One, and Don. With Akshay, he did Housefull. But now the roles what would have ideally gone to Rampal in Akki’s and Khan’s next films now have Sonu.

WHY SONU, THOUGH? Sonu and Arjun are tall, good-looking and have fab bodies. They fit the same mould. But ultimately it is up to the lead actor and his comfort factor with the supporting cast. While Khan and Rampal seem to have had a fallout, as far as Entertainment goes, Akshay is quite fond of Sonu (they co-starred in Singh Is Kinng). So he found himself in the film. Now the Entertainment directors Sajid-Farhad have enjoyed working with Sonu, and are keen to repeat him in Housefull 3 (also an Akki starrer) as well.” Sonu will also be a part of Singh Is Bling, which again stars Akshay.

WHO, ME? “I don’t know about replacing Arjun,” maintains Sonu, “This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

I’D RATHER SAY… “As actors, we are always greedy and want to do the best. I can wait for a good project. If it’s not substantial, I won’t do it. That being said, I’ve got a lot of offers this year,” he says.

THRILLED BECAUSE… “I have three big releases this year: Happy New Year, Entertainment and Aagadu (in Telugu) with Mahesh Babu,” shares Sonu.

MY HAPPY YEAR: “Apart from Shah Rukh, I have Farah to thank for the role in Happy New Year, too. I had met her during Munni Badnaam Hui and I also did Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega with her. At the time I had told her if she has a great role for she should sign me. I was in Bangkok shooting for Entertainment, when I heard that the role [that I play now] had not been finalised. I immediately called her. I had given some dates to other films, like Prabhudheva’s R…Rajkumar, which I adjusted in two days and was on for a month-long schedule in Dubai.”

ON SHAH RUKH: “Shah Rukh is one of the most grounded actors I have ever met in my life. He’s the guy who takes care of everyone and makes you feel special. It has been wonderful working with him. His film has given me a platform I have been waiting for, for years. I keep telling him that he has spoilt me after working with him, now it will be tough working somewhere else.”

ON AKSHAY: “Akshay is a great co-star. Being a Punjabi like him, I feel I can relate to him. We hang out together and have lots of fun. We didn’t any godfathers and so, have plenty in common.”