Is Sridevi all set to give young babes from B-town a run for their money?

Is Sridevi all set to give young babes from B-town a run for their money?

We spotted the English Vinglish actor on the cover of a film magazine and her stunning frame took us by surprise. Judging by this picture, we are confident that the veteran star is all set for her sparkling comeback

Director R Balki believes that she’s India’s only female superstar and we could not agree more with the Paa director. Here’s Sridevi, adorning the cover of Filmfare magazine (August 2012 issue), only to give our young Bollywood babes a run for their hard-earned money. We see Sri – the yummy mummy, the actor extraordinaire and the diva that she still is – posing effortlessly for the lens. Her lean yet toned body, the elegant outfit and the million dollar smile enhance her undeniable, ageless charm. You just can’t miss the high gloss and filmi opulence oozing through in this cover. A big thumbs up for Sri’s comeback and to this cover shot.

Then we found Katrina Kaif on the same magazine’s Hindi issue and we were not impressed by the humdrum cover. Though Kat does make great cover material any time, this time around she managed to draw big yawns from us with what can be called a thanda image.

And then we saw Nargis Fakhri’s cover appearance on Marie Claire. The Rockstar fame babe is known for her magical presence and her classy look, but this cover shot does not justify the famous fabulous-ness of Fakhri. The ‘wow’ factor is seriously missing!

Wethinks this month, cover-wise, belongs to the one and only Sridevi! Don’t you agree?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • malak

    Sridevi the queen is back to regain her throne

  • asmit

    She is Sridevi, the Empress…..when she comes in her glory, everyone else fades into oblivion. All set to conquer Toronto Film Festival now, she is going to be the EPIC STAR that she was all over again….

  • Salman

    Totally! Sridevi the perfect choice.

  • Deep

    Yes,agree with the writer of this article 200%,Sridevi is the Best.

  • Rama

    Yes, totally agree. One of the best covers of Filmfare… ever. Sridevi rockz! She can school these model-turned-non-actresses with one scene. Welcome back Sri – we missed you.

  • Deepa

    Yes I agree and we all agree………….Sridevi has all the potentials to give complex to all the young girls of Bollywood. She is a threat to them. So Kareenas, Priyankas and Katrinas, make way for the Queen, she has arrived!

  • Priya

    Thank you Prathamesh, your thinking about The Best, is as good as ours. Really Sridevi is beyond comparisons. Each and every word of yours is 100% correct. I think other Publishers, editors etc must come to you and take tuitions on how to give the deservings their dues. Hats off to you Prathamesh for such a brilliant article. Superb! Keep it up and God Bless.

    • archita

      i agree

  • Halimali

    Katrina all the way. Sridevi looks good because of all digital chnages with camera, look at her actual videos on youtube where she looks so old.

    English Vinglish is going to be superflop. Its all about Heroine winning the race.

    • bharathi

      GIVE RESPECT for DIVA SREEDEVI who acted in 210 films and was superstrni IN 3 LANGUAGES at a time
      see her tamil film MOONDRUM PIRAI 16 VAITHINILE KALYANARAMAN and then imagine katrina in those roles and then reply ..till THEN U DONT DESRVE TO COMMENT SRI

    • vinna

      wat is yr problem. u must b mad

      • Deepa

        He seems to be a Madhuri Dixit’s fan, just ignore him. They are Frustrated Fans of Madhuri as she didnt get this kind of red carpet treatment on her comeback

  • Amitk

    Kat Kat Kat. Ye sridevi buddhi aunty kaa makeup nikalo.

    • Deepa

      Halimali, You like Katrina, very good so do I. But, dear please have some decency atleast for a Diva like Sridevi, who has entertained, may be not you, but your parents for so many years. Kindly spare few minutes of your life and go through Sridevi’s achievements and work, you will realise your mistake. That’s all I want to say on such a hurting comment of yours.

      • Pooja

        I agree………….guys your comments should be little bit mild. If you dont like her, never mind but atleast avoid using words like Aunty and make-up. If Srdi was looking ud coz of lighting and camerca trick, the same was done for other heroines also like Katrina. Why didnt the magic work in other heroines case? Why only Sridevi?

      • rehan

        that is not halimali, halimali is sridevi’s biggest fan, this fraud is posting negative about sridevi under halimali’s name. They are madhuri fan.

        • Deepa

          Really????????????? I wasted my precious time talking to a donkey.

    • bharathi

      just SEE HOW U R KATRINA LOOKS WHEN SHE IS 49 see sri tamil films
      1)moondrum pirai
      3)16 vayathinile


  • Deepa

    Just like diamonds are rare to find, there is seldom one of Sridevi’s kind. Sridevi is an ideal and perfect mixture of looks and talent. She is a versatile actress, infact her versality is a threat to other actresses of the past and of current lot. Age never played a spoilt sport in sridevi’s case as she can still look as young as Katrina and Kareena, IF she wants to. I salute Sridevi for her talent par excellence.

  • Pooja

    Sridevi is a star who has maintained a steady voltage. From a child wonder and girl-woman of the 70s to the queen of the matinees in the 90s, her career has been unusually long and substantial. She is still without a peer for her disconcerting balance of watchfulness, sauciness and danger. Think of Sridevi and one immediately thinks of her role as a slithering snake woman in Nagina, the shipwielding vixen in Challbaaz, the Extremely Beautiful Afghani Pathan in Khudagawah, her mindblowing performance in Sadma, beautiful and chirpy love lady in Chandni, Charlie Chaplin act in Mr.India and so many other movies. Now its time for this Diva to show to the World a new strength of hers in the form of her upcoming movie English Vinglish. Three cheers to the movie.

  • Satish

    Well wirtten article on Sridevi. Very good job done by Prathamesh. She deserves it and much more. She is a Legend. I adore you Sridevi you are the Ultimate.

  • Rohan

    Yes, Sridevi has all the potentials to do so. She has done in the past so she can still repeat the magic and make other young actresses bite their nails. Magic of Katrina + Attitude of Priyanka + Charm n Sytle of Kareena + Bubblyness of Deepika + Innocence of Pareeniti Chpra = Talent of Sridevi.

    • ShreeAllTheWay

      I wouold say every talent the current lot possess is less than Shree herself. Replace Katrina with kareena or deepika or Fakhri in a movie. Difference? None. Take Shree out of any of her films or add her to a movie and see the difference. Shree rocks!

      • Leena Goenka

        I know, today if a heroine says NO to any Movie, it doesnt affect the director at all but whenever Sridevi said NO to any Director, either the film was shelved or Sridevi was convinced and requested and pleaded to do the role, that was the magic of Sridevi. Scripts were made keeping her in mind.

  • Swapna

    Sridevi is undoubtedly THE BEST actress our Industry ever had. She is first and the last Superstar Female. No one can match to her level…..No …Never.

  • Syed Ali

    YES YES YES. Sridevi is the best.

  • Anil

    English Dictionary falls short of words to describe a Diva like Sridevi. She is out of this world. Genius are not born everyday, Sridevi is only one piece in the whole world and India must be proud to have her as its citizen.

  • Pushpa

    Sridevi is the most beautiful star of Indian Film Galaxy! She is the best actress, best looking female, best dancer……Nobody can match with her. She is the BEST.

  • Dipesh

    Go north, go south, go eat, go west – Sridevi is the best.

  • ShreeAllTheWay

    SHREEDEVI! These today’s stripping babes can NEVER-I repeat, NEVER beat her charm. Shree is just wow! Shree…the cover photo makes me wish the movie comes out right away!

  • Halimali

    There is someone here who is writing bad things about Sridevi under my name!! He is praising Katrina but we know he is not Katrina’s fan. I know whose fan he is and he has a huge grudge on me because I reveal the truth.

    Such people are nothing but cowards who steal others identities.

    Everybody knows I’m Sridevi’s biggest fan. There is absolutely nobody like Sridevi. There was no and there will never be one.


    • Mahek

      Let him go to hell!

  • Mahek

    Yes Halimali, I was shocked to read such comments in your naem. I know you are a Sridevi fan and this DARPOK/DESPO fan of Kareena , who’s indirectly trying to promote her sequel to TDP, Chandni Baar and Fashion film. Anyways, as if we care! A huge round of applause to Prathamesh for such sweet article and true praises for Sridevi. She is the Gooddess and age is never a problem for her.

    • Halimali

      Thank you Mahek. He is not Katrina or Kareena’s fan. He is the same Amitk. A madhuri dixit fan who I blocked him from my youtube channel after he failed a challenge between us. So thats why he has a grudge :)

      • Mahek

        O………….so that’s the case. Hmm, but he is acting so childish.

  • Uma

    After a long period, I can read true and unbiased article and praises for Sridevi- The Beauty Queen. She is undoubtedly – THE BEST.

  • Pooja Tiwari

    Well said Mr.Prathamesh Jadhav, too good. Sridevi deserves these words of appreciation. She is the best.

  • Dinesh

    superb! Sridevi Rocks………………You were, You are and you will remain No.1 and the Superstar of our Industry. Looking forward to the release of English Vinglish.

  • Ramesh

    Rekha ko dekha, tune Hema ko dekha……Nargis ko dekha tune Nutan ko dekha……….zara idhar palatt kar dekh…mae lagati hoon SRIDEVI lagati hoon. She is the best, bestest of all.

  • Vinod Agrawal

    Meriiii Sridevi……………kahan ho aap. ab aa bhi jaoo, duniya pe cha jao!

  • Varsha

    I just love Sridevi and her movies……..She is the greatest actress of all time. I have seen almost all fims of hers. She still looks so young and stunning! English Vinglish is the most awatied movie in my wish list.

  • Jyoti Joshi

    Superb Superb and Excellent article. Sridevi is my all time favourite. She is far better looking then Katrinas and Kareenas……………and Talent, no need to say anything, the whole world knows how much talented she is. Talent is in her blood. She is the Goddess.

  • Rajdeep Sangha

    Sridevi is the best. She is looking much better then today’s actresses. No one can match her beauty and excellence. I can’t wait to watch her English Vinglish movie. Welcome back my Diva. Love you soo much.

  • Swayam

    OMG! Sridevi looks sooooooooooooo beautiful here. I am a KAreena and KAtrina fan but Sri has forced me to take another look at these pics and admie only and only her……………Yes I love only Sridevi now

  • Shlok

    My Devi, Sridevi is outstanding! I love her acting and her beauty. 21st ko Kha Jayegi kachha sabko…..

  • Leena Goenka

    Yes, Sridevi, without any DOUBT, is THE BEST.

  • Aishwarya

    Yes Prathamesh, you r absolutely right. Sridevi is looking amazing and stunning. Nobody can beat her.

  • Hunny

    YES YES YES, Sridevi is the Best. I am eagarly waiting for Sridevi’s English Vinglish and will pray to God that it goes for the Oscars.

  • Parag

    Sridevi is a Diva, a real Diva. She has set a new standard for herself.

  • Dave

    Sridevi according to be is the most beautiful, most talented and the brightest star of Indian Film Galaxy. She should be crowned the ultimate Queen for her Talent par Excellence.

  • Uma

    Sridevi has been described as the ‘uncrowned queen of Hindi Films’, as someone extra special-someone with a rare comibnation of beauty and talent. Sridevi more than justifies this description.

  • Jyoti Joshi

    I am waiting for Sridevi’s English Vinglish since last year. These couple of months are killing me. Sri is going to set the Screen on fire on 21st Spt……………..Bach ke Rehna re baba……..

  • Deepak

    Wah Wah, Wah Wah! kya khoob kahi. Sridevi is the Goddess.

  • Rajesh

    I love you Sridevi. You are the best

  • Otak

    Natasha Posted on Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you are in pain, it’s very very dlfiicuft. Try to stay positive and move forward. Peace and blessings, Natasha