Is Shahrukh a troublemaker in B-town?

Is Shahrukh a troublemaker in B-town?

If rumours are to be believed, Shahrukh Khan is at the centre of a lot of fights raging in Bollywood. But are facts being bent out of shape here?

We all know that Shahrukh Khan tends to grab all the attention anywhere he goes, and for anything he does. But it seems as if he leaves a trail of discord in his superstar wake as he goes about his business, whatever it may be. Recently a little bird chirped in our ear that the King Khan is the main cause of the fight between Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt – yeah, the one that made the headlines after the surprise party for birthday babe Maanayata. The story goes something like this: Sanju and Sallu were to co-host Bigg Boss, sharing the limelight, to make the show more interesting and attract a bigger audience than ever before. That was pre-party news. Post the party, things seem to have changed a bit. Now we hear that Salman will only be in two episodes of the reality show, while Sanjay will take over the rest. This comes after the evening when Shahrukh was a special guest at the Dutt residence, ostensibly to celebrate baba’s presence in RA.One and completion of the shoot for the film. Did Salman get wind of the dosti shared by SRK and SD and so decide to back off a bit, after an argument that the media got wind of, which was credited to a brouhaha with Sanjay Dutt’s manager Bunty Walia? Or, like so many of this kind in Bollywood, is this another cook-up from the rumour mills to garner attention for Bigg Boss, for SRK, for Salman, for Sanjay or for something else that we haven’t got wind of yet? We wait to find out more…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • hans

    bollywoodlife my love

  • samra

    how cheap can some articles be?just read the title itself.without havng any proof yet they r accusing srk?

    • marghun

      likhne waala naya naya job join kiya is liye ghalat salat likh raha hai

  • rithesh

    salman intervened b/w srk and farah khan and became very close to farah….what will u say in this case ? dont write such cheap articles……is this website registered legally ???????u loosers………

    • Salman Khan

      really? bhaija! these media are killing me…

  • Mansoor

    This is another cook-up from the rumor mills to garner attention for and whoever the scribbler of this bullsh!t article is. Better go to a dark corner and ____ yourself next time after such sh!t comes to your mind before putting it somewhere where people can see your sh!t.

  • neha s

    Hmm, it does appear that SRK is trying to gain some publicity for Ra.One and Don, which he doesn’t need to do, but I think whatever he touches, including SD and SK’sshow, will turn into gold. I’m dead serious!!!! So he appears to be breaking them up, but is actually doing them more good, so unlike our real life villians!!! I wish it were ccccc!!!


    itne kura se baddi banate ho tu sala media. How did King Khan got involved in the fight held between salman and Walia, huh? You media had ruined every bollywood stars life. This doesn’t happen in hollywood. I mean they shared gossips but not like this big involving other into ones mamla. Shoot! Boom! Boom! If i was SRK then I would blame you media but im not big fan of him and I hated SRK in past years but he is in the middle of this problem. I have seen his performance in awards and stuff and its great. Talking about Salman, im an average fan of him.Im in love with SRK friendly love (Star love).

  • srk

    Such a stupid and cheap article!

  • bhagavath

    wach salman all interviews, then realayse salman did lot of to frinds famaly poor people and many more but salman stay in his famaly hose salman famaly all stay in one home that is the bonding he helps new genraction salman tell face to face becouse its true but sombady canto face, that why bad boy image but his hart soft and clean Shahrukh Khan and salman khan get togher what hapand Shahrukh Khan get good baner he naver sopat to salman he is shellfish he naver to get win any award but today after back up the reasult was salman will nomanitad for best actor sharuk cant see salman get this stage if he true frind he sacrfize but salman see the fist award get for soppoting role for film kuchkuch hota tha hai see the video how he shoked he don any no 1 raise he never julas any today the reasult was fron of you tell me who is best now if tell about salman and sharuk lot of i tell some onether day