Is Sunny Leone cashing in on her newfound stardom?

The porn star isn’t quitting her primary job for a flourishing career in Bollywood. She is actually making the most of her first tryst with the camera in which she’ll mostly be seen with her clothes on

Sunny Leone became a household name thanks to her stint on Bigg Boss 5 and the first ones to cash in on her ‘talent’ were the Bhatts who have signed her to do the Jism sequel. There were speculations galore about her being accepted as a Bollywood actor and if the Bhatts’ gamble will go kaput. An industry insider, on the condition of anonymity, said, “Why would anybody watch a film where she is not doing the kind of things she is best known for?”

Then there were rumours about Sunny giving up her primary job thanks to the fact that she has managed to find a break in Bollywood. Some were of the opinion that the Bhatts should underplay her ‘pornstar’ image but they are doing exactly the opposite. . In one of her recent media interactions, she was asked if she’ll ever quit the porn industry for good. Sunny smartly replied that she will do so, only if Bollywood manages to keep her engaged forever.

Guess even she isn’t absolutely confident about her Bollywood outing. Wethinks it’s a smart move on her part, one has keep their options open, no?

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