Is Sunny Leone earning more money in Bollywood?

The Jism 2 star tells us who gets paid more money – an actor or a porn star?

Sunny Leone declared in a recent interview that Bollywood is more lucrative than the porn industry. In fact, she confessed that she’s quite happy with the kind of money she is being paid in B-town. She burst all kind of myths that a porn star literally rakes in huge moolah. Leone has been a part of the porn world for years now and her stint with Bollywood has just started, but seems like the babe is in awe of the way the Bollywood industry operates. She’s glad that B-town is rewarding her hard work in a much better way.

Just when we thought Sunny is done doling out precious pearls of wisdom, she went on to explain how the porn and the Bollywood world are similar in a lot of ways. According to the Jism 2 babe, she and her husband, who also happens to be her manager, hire porn stars who know how to convey emotions onscreen, which is obviously also the case with Bollywood.

Seems like Leone is in a mood to give some serious gyaan, but sadly most people are keener on seeing the hot babe than hearing her out?