Is Sunny Leone possessed? See Ragini MMS 2 poster!

Here’s the luscious USP of Bhushan Patel’s movie showing off her curves and distracting viewers attention from the ghosts!

We are not sure yet if Sunny Leone is the perfect choice for the sequel to Bhushan Patel’s horror movie Ragini MMS. It’s a given that Patel sold his original film by blending sex and horror, both in good measure. But judging by the trailer of Ragini MMS 2, you can sense that the evil forces this time will be possessed by Sunny Leone mania!

The adult film star turned Bollywood hottie will divert your attention by using what she is blessed with – surgically or naturally, we will not guess – to the extent that you don’t mind a couple chudails lurking in a dark corner. A pro at what she does, Leone seduces you to the extent that even if she turned into a ghost while indulging in passionate lovemaking you wouldn’t care. Her curves numb your senses and the neurotransmitters in your head become completely blocked. So bring on witches, voodoo dolls, black magic or even zombies… you don’t complain as long Sunny is doing her…err… business!

And here’s the latest poster of the horror flick. In her bare essentials, Sunny strikes a sexy pose for the camera, but what you see on the screen is more than obvious hotness. The two witches seen floating alongside the hot babe tend to get ignored absolutely royally!

Clearly, Leone is lethal enough to kill you with her deadly oomph. What then are those evil creatures doing in the movie, we wonder!