Is Sunny Leone the only golden girl of Bollywood?

What better way to congratulate the lava-hot seductress than glorifying Ms Leone by translating her popular number into the Queen’s tongue for our lost in translation feature, hai na?

Baby Doll number certainly catapulted Sunny Leone into the ummm..respectable item gal league of B-town. On her 33rd birthday we decided to convert the lyrics of the popular song that had the entire nation go ballistic into English, absolutely word-for-word. Even if the essence of the track is lost in the process, Sunny remained what she is- the golden girl of B-town!


Sone sone patole lakhaan

Sone sone patole yeah…

Ae takdiyaan rehndiyaan aankhaan

Ae takdiyaan rehndiyaan..



Hundreds and thousand beautiful girls,

So many pretty girls,

keep watching these eyes

They keep watching..


Main ki dassaan apni ve

Ae chan karda hai tareefa

Ho mere husn de kone… kone kone di

Ho kone kone di..

Ho Baby doll main sone di

Ho Baby doll main sone di

Ho Baby doll main sone di

Ho Baby doll main sone di


I what tell story about myself?

this world keeps praising –

every nook and corner of my beauty..

of my every nook and corner..

I am the golden baby doll..

I am the golden baby doll..


ye duniya, ye duniya pittal di

ye duniya pittal di..

Ho babydoll main sone di..


This world, this world is of brass,

and I am the baby doll of gold..