Is the catfight between Chitrangda and Deepika Padukone a marketing gimmick?

The rift between Desi Boyz actors Chitrangda and Deepika Padukone heats up as the release date nears. We would like to believe that this fight is just a well choreographed move to promote the film!

Now this formula has worked every time two hotties have appeared in the same film. Resorting to a catfight is a perfect ploy to grab the attention of the audience. Right before the Desi Boyz promos hit the screen the news of the rumoured cold war between Deepika and Chitrangda had reared its ugly head and now as the film is about to release, this tension is being hyped. The two leading ladies, we are told, did not get along well on the sets of the film and their co-stars Akshay Kumar and John Abraham tried to diffuse the growing tension between the two starlets. But this scuffle looks like a very juvenile attempt to bring the film in the spotlight. These publicity gimmicks are surely not going to work when a solid film like Rockstar is also releasing in the same month. The audience has seen the John and Akshay jodi in Garam Masala before and without any novelty there is nothing to write home about. Being Rohit Dhawan’s debut directorial, let’s just hope if not the star cast, at least the story has something new.