Is the Madhuri Dixit-Nene vs Sridevi rivalry still on?

Is the Madhuri Dixit-Nene vs Sridevi rivalry still on?

The two stars were famous rivals at one stage, when both were at the peak of their careers. Marriage and motherhood has not mellowed that, wethinks….

Some people never grow up. In the 1980s Madhuri Dixit (as she was then) and Sridevi were rivals. They both ruled the big screen and almost guaranteed any film that they starred in would be a huge hit. And then they both realised that they had gotten older and decided to take a good look at their non-professional lives. The more senior Sridevi married Boney Kapoor and settled into happy domesticity, while Madhuri continued for a while before finding her Dr Nene and moving to the US to have babies and find out what life out of the spotlight was all about. And then they both came back to the entertainment world, for whatever reasons. Madhuri tried to regain her clout with Aaja Nachle six years ago, but that was a dismal failure and gained her nothing. Sridevi did better with the unexpected success of a sweet little film called English Vinglish that was real and spunky. And now Madhuri does it better with Dedh Ishqiya that released this week, and soon Gulaab Gang, which pits her against another rival, Juhi Chawla.

But the more fun part of this story is that the Mads-Sri balance is tottery, even today. Madhuri is said to have sent Sridevi a special invitation to the premier of her new film. And everyone waited to see how the two divas would greet each other, especially after that rather frigid vibe there was when they met on the sets of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa last year. But – disappointingly for the gossip-vine – Sri and family were a no-show. Yes, we all know that the entire khandaan is busy recovering from the fire that managed to evict them from their happy home, and that renovation is happening post-haste, but a filmi do will take only a couple of hours, hai na? Wethinks it would have been a graceful gesture if Sridevi had been there, even if only for a few minutes. Along the way, did Sri send Mads best wishes or flowers or whatever is the norm these days? We sure hope so. After all, the time of possible rivalries is long gone; it’s time these two super-actors shook well-manicured hands, air-kissed immaculately made-up faces and put the past behind them. Wonder if that will ever happen….Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sri

    “Sridevi did better with the unexpected success of a sweet little film called English Vinglish that was real and spunky”
    It was NOT unexpected !!!

  • Anubhav Shrivastava

    Madhuri is the best Heroine ever

  • mani

    Madhuri is the undisputed queen of Bolywood.

  • Ganunga Gatunga

    Sridevi is the undisputed empress of bollywood

  • Anand

    Sridevi is always ahead of Madhuri in so many departments….so this argument is not valid at all!!!! So forget it….they are not of equal level!!!

    • Remo

      Yes they are not of equal level, because Madhuri Dixit is way way more talented than Sridevi’s nonsense oooooh aaaaah squeamish acting!

  • Imran

    Madhuri is the greatest

  • james

    Madhuri is the better actress between sridevi and madhuri. Madhuri starred in HAHK which was a bigger hit than any of sridevi movies. Madhuri was more beauteous, sensuous and won more awards. Madhuri had more fan following than sridevi at her peak.Madhuri is the best.

  • kumar

    acting or dance or fan following whatever it may be madhuri is No.1 heroine

  • sampath

    top 2 biggest superstars in bollywood: amitab and madhuri…

    sridevi is also good actress but madhuri is even better actress than sri devi