Is the worst over for Shiney Ahuja?

The Ghost actor has moved on from the rape allegations and seems ready for a second inning in Bollywood

Some of the ‘bad boys’ of Bollywood have been lucky to have been forgiven for their misdeeds and they have got back in action even before you say ‘pack up’. Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are great examples of that. It has been more than two years since Shiney was first accused of raping his maid and other than a few industry friends, most others had turned their backs on him; some even pretended that he didn’t exist. Apparently,  the actor has left the nightmare behind and is preparing for the release of his films that were stuck because of the situation that he was stuck in. In a recent interview, Shiney said, “When I went out in Delhi, people came and hugged me and said that never for once did they believe I was guilty.” His wife, Anupam added, “It is tremendous and feels really nice that he is coming back to the silver screen. We are on our way to normalcy again.” Wethinks now that his nightmare is over, Shiney should spare us the horrors like his last film Ghost. Don’t you think so too!