Is this how Abhay deals with the media?

Some of the young women in B-town can learn a thing or four from our Mr D, on how to deal with the press

Abhay Deol recently turned the tables on a reporter by taking a potshot at the journo. The actor was asked a question about his experience with the lady directors he’s worked with till now – a fairly simple matter, we thought, considering he’s already done three movies with the ‘female filmmaker’ label on them: Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd., Aisha and, most recently, the soon-to-release Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Abhay, being the wise sod that he is, understood the question really well, but still asked the reporter to reframe it for him. The journo got a li’l tongue-tied and messed up by asking, “So, what are the changes you’ve observed in the lady directors till now?” That was truly a ‘laughing away to glory’ moment for everyone who was present there. The victorious look on Abhay’s face had to be seen to be thoroughly enjoyed; his expression read, “Dude, don’t ask me such clichés again!” Well, as if this wasn’t enough, he further humiliated the poor media dude by replying, “No, I was there to work, not to observe changes in them,” he said, jokingly, of course. Now that Abhay has found a way to counter-attack media people, we suggest he distribute his pearls of wisdom to some of the bimbos in the industry as well; at least that would give us some respite from the usually boring diplomatic answers they come up with. Getting offended is better than going on a yawn spree, no?