Is this Priyanka Chopra’s look in her next single, Exotic?

Is this Priyanka Chopra’s look in her next single, Exotic?

We found a picture of the actor bonding with rapper Pitbull. Wonder if this is the look Pee Cee will sport in her next single

Priyanka Chopra recently shot for her next single, Exotic in LA in which she will be seen sharing screen space with singer Pitbull. We found a picture of PC wearing golden pants and a black corselet, and wonder if this is her look in the song. If it indeed is, then must say, it’s quite racey and should raise a few eyebrows as PC’s showing ample bosom in this outfit.

She had stuck to a casual chic look for the In My City video – black shorts and vest, and golden corset and pink shimmery shorts – and didn’t show too much skin. But it looks like she’s going all out to get an exotic look for her next video. Can’t wait to see!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Blah

    Why is this a question? Of course it’s one of her looks in the video. That IS a pic from the set of the video. And she should show more skin considering the theme of the song. She’s too boring and conservative by western standards.

  • anonym

    fits to her, looks like the sister from sunny leone

    • Ayan

      Don’t be bitter because you’re fat and nobody would ever want to see you dressed like that. Go put your burqa on when you go outside and cover your ugly face.

      • rocky

        take alook at yourself then talk as pc is miss world n one of the most beautiful women in the world n so sexy talented that haters like u envy n r jealous of her

  • saurabh

    pc rocks no wonder how haters react as they r nothing n woth pc sandals n envy people whor supremely talented n beautiful like pc