Posted Fri, November 23, 2012 10:15am IST

The strip queen looks barely recognisable in her fully clothed avatar on the sets of her upcoming film Nasha

Recognise the scrawny lady sitting back and sipping a cup of coffee? We bet you won’t, and we understand why. After all, it’s not her face that you were staring at when you were pulled up for not working by your boss! Twitter sensation Poonam Pandey, made famous by legions of her male fans for threatening as well as titillating men by promising to strip, is madly busy shooting for her debut film Nasha.

So when BollywoodLife came across recent photos of Poonam on the sets of Nasha, we couldn’t help but be surprised. In the pictures you see the gal wearing dark glasses and sipping coffee. Really, honey? Do you think you need to be wearing glasses and playing famous celebrity? You’re not even one film old! Anyway, most people wouldn’t recognise you fully dressed, since almost anyone who…err…’knows’ you knows you only for your mostly naked photographs on the Internet!

There’s also an image showing Poonam sporting a mile-deep cleavage and a teeny dress, staring intently at the monitor with director Amit Saxena for company – now that is the…ummm….lady we have all met. Wonder what she was staring at! Maybe another bedroom scene, one of those she has been tweeting she so enjoyed shooting for. Well, at least for the film’s sake we hope that Poonam does manage to venture out of the bedroom and bathroom into a more ‘public’ environment.

But being suckers for punishment, we will still wait and watch her maiden effort, and hope that it is more exciting than the time she decided to strip for India!