Is Twinkle Khanna stopping Akshay Kumar from working with Sonakshi Sinha?

Is Twinkle Khanna stopping Akshay Kumar from working with Sonakshi Sinha?

Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif have also faced similar situations in the past. We wonder what Akki did this time…

Akshay Kumar has been linked with many of his heroines in his initial days in the film industry, but after getting married he turned over a new leaf. His equation with Sonakshi Sinha has also been very professional with the two giving two blockbusters with Rowdy Rathore and the recently released Holiday.

There is buzz that Akshay’s wife Twinkle Khanna is not too thrilled with her husband lining up several projects with Sona. If rumor is to be believed then she has asked him to take it easy. In the past Twinkle had asked Akshay to stop taking up projects which had Priyanka Chopra as well. Apparently she was upset with the growing equation between the two after they shared screen space in four films. Twinkle followed the same routine when Akki was working constantly with Katrina Kaif in almost 6-7 films.

Now that Akki-Sona have shared screen space in about six films, Twinkle seems to have given strict instructions to hubby dearest to start taking up projects with newer heroines.

Filmmakers are scouting for heroines to make some new jodi’s opposite Akshay. A film industry source informs a leading daily, “Be it Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol, Katrina Kaif-Akshay and Deepika Padukone-Ranbir Kapoor, every successful onscreen pair needs to space out their work. Casting newer heroines and not Sonakshi is a decision that is taken by the actor and the filmmakers. It’s Akshay’s prerogative who he wants to work or not to work with.”

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  • Mindy

    Thank goodness. Enough of this jodi. Sonakshi is too talented to be in the kind of movies Akshay likes to make anyways

    • Sahil

      I really miss Katrina and Priyanka with our Akki. Sonakshi is ugly fat… :(

  • EE

    Akshay has no heroine to work with , his wife also banned PC,Katrina

    • Раиса Вербовецкая

      If Twinkle banned Akshay work with Katrina, why Akshay for several years asks Katrina to work with him in the new movie??? Even Singh is bling he asked Katrina, which has no dates. And had an affair with Priyanka correctly wife banned Akshay work with this predator

  • Viya

    lol hahaha.. what’s going on Twinkle???? Why are u so scared of loosing hussy Ashkay??? lol Well… :D What goes around Comes around! ;) Isn’t that true twinkle??? lol what u did to SHILPA SHETTY, it’s now boosting on u! ;) So take it! And stuff it! Twinkle!!! I just hate u!! Ashkay Kumar has the right to choose his heroine,Not u! U should learn to trust ur husband.Rather than doubting him every time. I wanna know if u could ever compare yourself with Katrina,priyanka and Sonaskhi????? Twinkle u are just getting Older day by day! so just buzz it off twinkle! U just don’t wroth it. I love u AK!!!