Is Uday Chopra India’s answer to Johnny Depp?

Fri, December 27, 2013 4:55pm IST by
Is Uday Chopra India’s answer to Johnny Depp?

Looks like the super success of Dhoom:3 has made the Chopra scion to dream BIG. Don’t believe us? Check out Uday’s twitter account where the Chopra boy is seen imitating megastars like Johnny Depp and Aamir Khan

Uday Chopra might not be a Kapoor but he truly belongs to a mighty Bollywood family-the Chopra’s. While bro Aditya is known for his talent as a filmmaker, Jr Chopra is popular for his quirky tweets. Remember he was also the most followed B-town celebs on the microblogging site with messages ranging from innovative exercises to his take on sexuality would flow in with an amazing regularity. And now Chopra, who is riding on the success of Dhoom:3, is imitating none other than Johnny Depp.

He has even posted a small video to endorse Dhoom:3 in which he is wearing bowler’s hat a la Aamir Khan and asking his followers to flock to the nearest theatre to watch the film. If Chopra doing an Aamir Khan is not enough for you to giggle, check out Uday’s heavy American accent borrowed straight from South Beach, California! Take a look!

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  • Summons

    Dhoom 3 was barely abhisheks movie let alone Uday chopra’s. The guy struts around the entire movie wearing a scarf looking like a goof when he is supposed to be playing a professional policeman. Dhoom 3 succeeded simply because of the antagonist (Amir khan). Uday is best left alone to operate his twitter account than dream about comparing himself to the likes of actual actors.