Is Uttaran’s Tina Dutta getting too big for her shoes?

Ichcha Bundela of Uttaran is throwing her weight around for reasons we have no clue about

Tina Dutta came into the limelight with her performance as the lead actor in the Colors’ popular show. While fans adore her sweet and humble character, the real Tina is nothing like her reel self.

Tina was recently approached for Life OK’s Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawaazi Ki. News is that the producer dropped the actor because they couldn’t afford the price she quoted. While other stars demanded a remuneration of Rs two-three lakhs, Tina asked for a sum of Rs seven lakhs. OMG! The actor however denies the rumours and claims that she was asked to shoot for 10 days, and since the show was an interesting one, she was ready to negotiate her fees. All said and done, it was unlikely that Tina would have been able to take up the show anyway. Doing double roles in her daily soap would hardly give her any time to accommodate any other show, no?

Rumour has it that Tina also throws a lot of tantrums on her show Uttaran. She has threatened to put down her papers at least four times ever since the show began. That’s not all, the actor apparently never shows up on time, and her co-actors have often had to shoot with doubles. Tch… Tch!

A little bird chirped to us earlier about Tina Dutta being replaced in Uttaran. Well, if the actor keeps up her current act, she will soon be looking for alternatives very soon. Guess, she can then be on Life OK’s program at much a reduced rate, no?