Posted Wed, March 26, 2014 6:29pm IST

The Main Tera Hero stud has impressed us with his zestful personality, his boyish charm and bordering-on-arrogance attitude. Take a look at these snapshots and tell us if Varun is made up of stuff your sexy boy fantasies are made of

He might be bouncing his toned ‘moobs’ in the trailer of his forthcoming movie Main Tera Hero to woo his female fans, but his muscular pecs are not the sole reason why Varun Dhawan has caught our eye. There’s something about this quirky dude that seems inexplicably charming. He looks brash, oh yes he’s an energetic dancer and above all, at 26, he looks enviably young. But what work’s in Varun’s favour is his impish personality-the kind you meet at the basketball court. Someone who can ‘score’ with tremendous brashness and complete irrelevance! The question is – are you game?

And proving our point are these images from a popular movie glossy.The Dhawan dude is seen with a sexy siren in a range of images that only adds to Varun’s raw sex appeal. From a comfy white shirt to a black, finely cut leather jacket Varun knows how to spell the word ‘seduction’ even by over dressing. But one image we liked in particular is the one in which the dishy dude is seen wearing a tattered shirt that accentuated every sinewy of his muscular arm. The rugged look only makes Varun the boy of messy fantasies. Go indulge, go on a ride on his hunky bike or get ready to get dirty-the choice is absolutely yours!