Is Vatsal Seth’s overzealous nature irritating Sanjeeda Sheikh?

Ek Haseena Thi is Vatsal Seth’s first project on the small screen and looks like he is already rubbing people the wrong way

We recently heard that all is not well between Sanjeeda Sheikh who plays Durga Thakur and Vatsal Seth (Shaurya Goenka) on the sets of Ek Haseena Thi.

Wethinks it is great when an actor feels the need to be perfect in his work, but overdoing things can ruin everything and that’s exactly happened.

According to rumours, Vatsal has been changing his dialogues and rewriting them whenever he feels they are not up to the mark. Due to which, the shoot is often delayed. Sanjeeda took it in her stride and let it go for some time. But it seems this is becoming a daily routine for Vatsal. Recently, the duo was shooting for their last sequence of the day; post which, Sanjeeda had to leave. However, the shoot got delayed ‘coz of Vatsal’s overzealous urge to change a few lines. Apparently, Sanjeeda walked off from the sets and told her production in-charge to call her once the drama was over. Tch…tch!

Like we said before, it’s great to be perfect but not at the cost of someone else’s time, no? Let’s hope Vatsal has learnt his lesson and all goes well between the two. Fingers crossed!