Is Veena Malik on a secret visit to Pakistan? Or is she not?

The item girl has gone back home to Pakistan for a short while, say some, while others claim she is still in Mumbai

Veena Malik sure knows how to make headlines. First, she signed on for a reality wedding show Veena Ka Vivaah and claimed she is ready to get married. Then she posed nude for the cover of a magazine and created chaos. Now we hear she went missing from a Bollywood film set. It doesn’t end there. The ‘actor’ apparently went AWOL in the middle of a shoot so she could go back to Pakistan and renew her visa! Veena had told us just a couple of weeks back that all her documents are in order and she can work here. So we wondered how come she realised this suddenly? While we still pondered over that, and over the rumour that Veena wore a burqa (that’s a first!) and slipped into Lahore via the Wagah border with the help of her good friend from Bigg Boss, Ashmit Patel, we hard something else: Veena is actually in Mumbai. The whole news report was fake. Isn’t that sad? Here we were, all excited about her middle of the night trip with the dishy Ashmit and it turns out it was all fake. Just like the drama over her nude photos. Apparently she had posed only topless, and her ‘clothing’ was removed with the help of photo-editing software. Anyway, the latest version of the story is that Veena is in Mumbai and she is just in seclusion because she is depressed over her father disowning her for the nude photos. She had perhaps not anticipated the backlash from her own family. Veena isn’t in a very good frame of mind these days. Let’s hope, for the sake of our Bollywood filmmakers, that Veena will not ditch them and she will come back to complete her shoot.