Is Veena Malik trying to copy Katrina Kaif?

Controversies can’t stay away from Veena Malik for too long, or is it vice versa? Now the Pakistani actor has been accused of plagiarising

Veena Malik seems to have taken over from Rakhi Sawant as the new controversy queen. And by now we know that Veena publicity ke liye kuch bhi karegi (can do anything for publicity). So, what’s the latest one? Well, Ms Malik has now decided to cash in on the attention that Katrina Kaif is receiving for her Agneepath item song Chikni Chameli by aping Kat’s look in ‘Chameli’ for her item number ‘The Item Bomb Channo’. Now Veena might have had all the fun in the world in trying to copy Kat, we are not sure if Kat will be pleased to know what Veena is using her name to grab eyeballs. For all you know this latest copying controversy is yet story circulated by Veena’s PR itself! Dear Veena ‘Controversy’ Malik, with these blink-and-miss publicity stunts you might be able to hoard the limelight for the moment, but there is always a risk of fading away into oblivion once people get tired of your tactics. Time to rethink your strategy Ms Malik!