Is Vidya Balan suffering from a Silk hangover?

It seems The Dirty Picture heroine can’t let go of her onscreen personality traits. However, we think it has done a helluva lot of good to her off screen behaviour too

Don’t scratch your head trying to fathom how much bolder Vidya Balan can get after portraying the voluptuous soft-porn queen Silk in The Dirty Picture. In her next film, Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani, the gutsy Vidya does go beyond the sex and dialoguebaazi and turns into an angry pregnant woman on the hunt to find the father of her child on the chaotic streets of Kolkata. But when we ask if she has a Silk hangover, we are talking more of the gifted actor’s off screen persona. Ms Balan has never been short of words or pretentious in her interviews and media interactions. She was always articulate, bright and effective as an interviewee, but fell short of wit and spunk. Something we thought she could take a lesson in, from her favourite actor-man SRK – not her boyfriend Siddharth Roy Kapur, but superstar Shahrukh Khan. After all, when Mr K talks, the recorders run out of tape but the Badshaah never runs out of wit, words or ways to evade difficult questions. We witnessed those missing characteristics in Vidya at the first-look event of Kahaani. She was spunky and enthralled everyone with her dialoguebaazi. When she was asked whether or not it was true that the Juhu apartment that was in the news recently was gifted to her by her UTV honcho beau, she smartly dodged the question. “Right now I am here to find my husband Arnab (her husband’s character’s name in Kahaani), so I can’t think or talk of any other man,” she said. Vidya of an earlier time would have either been diplomatic or boringly honest, but no tthis time. Later, she was asked if she’d consider doing an item number, a rising trend among most B-town leading ladies. Again, an impressive reply came pat: “I have played an item girl! What are you talking of ‘item song’!” And it makes us think it is the after effect of The Dirty Picture. Maybe or maybe not. All we want to say is that we love this new, spunky and entertaining Vidya. And if she keeps her word that “main entertainment hoon!” with such panache, we would love to watch her making dirty pictures over and over and over….

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