Is Yo Yo Honey Singh alcoholic?

Wed, March 5, 2014 7:01pm IST by

Is Yo Yo Honey Singh alcoholic?

No he isn’t! Before you guys jump to any conclusions let us clarify that we are just talking about a song

By now, we are sure all of you have heard Yo Yo Honey Singh’s peppy club number Chaar bottle vodka which features the very hot Sunny Leone. Well, that’s what we are talking about. Now do you get the connection? This song from Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming horror film Ragini MMS 2 has already become a rage amongst the masses. So we decided it be fun if Chaar bottle vodka had a shuddh angrezi version. Hence we translated the dhamakedaar song in English literally. Read the brand new version right away…

Chaar bottal Vodka

Kaam mera roz ka

Na mujh ko koi roke

Na kisi ne rokaa

Four bottle vodka

Work my everyday

No me anybody stop

No anybody tries to stop


Main rahoon saari raat in the bar

Daaru piyoon lagaatar

Ek aadhi sab pee lete hain

Main to piyoon botal chaar

I stay full night in the bar

Alcohol drink continuously

One half everybody drinks

I drink bottle four


Saari raat daaru, subah nimbu-paani

Party karne waalon ki hai yehi kahaani

Full night alcohol, morning lemon water

Party doing people this is story

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  • Jatt

    wtf is this article

  • mandeep singh

    first of all he is a alcoholic….n 2ndly this song sucks n u toooo bollywoodlyf

  • bleh

    who cares if he is, yo yo honey singh sucks

  • puneet

    jatt, bleh and mandeep singh……fuck u guys to d core……morons nd assholes like you are one of dose ppls who cnt bare or see a normal person recieving dat success….and u three pieces of shit if u dnt like him den y do u u guys listen to his every songs…..get lost bloody wana be”s………..