Is Zeenat Aman trying to extort money from the makers of Strings of Passion?

Apparently the veteran actor has asked for extra money to promote her upcoming film

We are quite used to new age actors acting pricey, but when a reputed senior actor like Zeenat Aman did that, we were a bit surprised. Wondering what are we talking about? Well, the story goes something like this…

Zeenat, who will be seen in an upcoming film Strings of Passion, has reportedly refused to promote the film. Why? Because the veteran actor wants an extra Rs 5 lakh for promoting the film. Yes, you heard us right! Surprising, isn’t it?

Sanghmitra Chaudhari, who happens to be the director of the film has recently said that Zeenat has worked only for four days, but they have paid her for five in a hope that they will get Zeenat’s support during the promotions of the film. “She is not taking my calls. When some one picks up my call, I can hear her voice in the background telling the person to say that ‘Madam ghar pe nahin hai.’ Her secretary, Ashwin Thakkar, is adamant that we pay her first. This is not expected from a senior actress like her,”, Chaudhari was quoted by a tabloid.

This was one part of the story. Zeenat’s secretary Ashwin has a different version to tell. According to him this is an attempt to malign Zeenat’s image. “Zeenat has not asked for extra money. Sanghmitra started the movie three-four years ago and now suddenly, she wants Zeenat to be there for the promotions at her beck and call,” he said. So if Zeenat has not asked for any extra money, then will she promote the film? “I can’t say anything now, tab dekhenge.”, Ashwin further said.

Well, we don’t know which version is correct yet. But if the story about Zeenat asking for money from the makers of the film is true, then it’s really sad, no?

Strings of Passion is a story of three college students who have one thing in common – their love of music. Zeenat is playing the role of a mother to one of these three college students.