ISHKQ IN PARIS first look: As elite as it gets!

Preity Zinta’s comeback film has a very upmarket feel

It has been about five years since we last saw Preity Zinta on the big screen, and that is why we’ve been eagerly looking forward to her comeback film, Ishkq In Paris. Directed by Prem Raj, the guy who helmed the Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor dud Main Aur Mrs Khanna, the first look of this romantic movie left us wondering if the masses would connect to the story. The impressive poster shows a couple in silhouette at some gorgeous places in Paris.

We must say that it did look like it was lifted straight from an international magazine. We heard that IIP stars Salman Khan and Arjun Rampal too, but their looks are being kept under wraps. It doesn’t seem to be a really smart thing to do, especially when you have the Blockbuster Khan to brag about! Well, for now, we just hope Preity has made a decent film. We will root for it all the way if we find it engaging enough. Did the first look impress you?

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