Ishqbaaz 17 February 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay forces Anika to stay in his bedroom

Ishqbaaz begins with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) saying you are in my life because….Anika (Surbhi Chandna) asks why did your voice trail off when I am the one who has lost her memory. She asks what does your silence denote? She says if you cannot answer then I will have to seek answers myself. She says your silence means I am a burden. Anika says I will move out of your life. SSO says this means you have decided that I should marry Tia? She says you tell me otherwise. He is quiet. Shivaay says I do not need to tell you anything as you have forgotten every feeling that existed between us. He says I will marry Tia as this is the first time you asked me for something. He says it makes no difference to you. Anika says it does not affect me. Shivaay says we will see…

ShiVika come to the hall before the family. Pinky tells him to answer first. Shivaay says he has decided to marry Tia (Navina Bole). Pinky thanks God. Mrs Kapoor and Tia are happy. Daadi is shocked but he tells her that Anika wants this. Pinky says I am glad you finally got good sense. SSO says I should have married her earlier. Pinky says we will hold a grand function and tells people to invite OmRu for the function. Anika is leaving the room but he stops her. He says you started all this and you have to finish it. He says this marriage is happening because of you and you need to make arrangements for it. Pinky says are you crazy to ask that inauspicious Anika to do preparations. Shivaay says Anika will do it, as my marriage makes no difference. Anika nods.

Mrs Kapoor tells Anika to make arrangements as her husband is marrying. Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) calls Romi (Krisann Barretto) and gives her the good news that Tia is finally going to be Mrs Tia Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Tia is extremely unhappy. Romi says I understand you are remembering Dushyant, but this is family matter. Svetlana tells Tia that Romi is supporting us whole-heartedly and we should appreciate that. Romi says the Oberoi’s are my enemies and I will destroy them. Anika is leaving their bedroom but he stops her. SSO says you are my wife till we divorce and stay here. He says you sleepwalk, and you might harm Tia. She says I won’t do that. Shivaay says what if you have an accident. He says I do not want my wedding planner to get hurt. He orders her to sleep on the bed.

Anika refuses but he threatens her with the knife. She says you will not hurt me. He says you told everyone about us leaving, I can also surprise you. He says in my anger, I can do anything. Shivaay takes off his clothes before her. Anika says what are you doing? SSO has unbuttoned his shirt. He says what difference does it make to you? He says I am going to Tia’s room. She says like this, it does not look good. He says Tia will not have an issue seeing me with my shirt unbuttoned. He goes out and punches a bag.

In the morning, he meets Daadi who says she is sorely disappointed with him. She says you have made fun of my values. She says you are my pride. Daadi says I do not want your explanations, you are doing wrong things. SSO says I know you are upset with me but I know that my brothers will support me as always. Om (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) tell Daadi on video chat that SSO will set everything right and she should allow him to take his decisions. Daadi says you two might be scared of him but I will not let him get into this mess. He says my decision is final. She says you won’t get my blessings. She walks off in a huff.

OmRu asks what is happening? He says I know what I am doing. As he ends the call, he decides that he needs that video with which Mrs Kapoor is blackmailing them. He gets close to Tia’s room. There, he sees her giving a packet to Tia and telling her to keep it very carefully till the marriage is done. She sees SSO and says Shivaay….