Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and baby Aaradhya’s Dubai trip!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and baby Aaradhya’s Dubai trip!

After a trip to Goa, Aishwarya takes her darling daughter to an international destination. But this time, it’s not just for a vacation

Looks like Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan’s baby daughter Aaradhya Bachchan is going to be one helluva traveller. The li’l girl is barely five months old and yet made a two-day trip to Dubai with mommy dearest. Now isn’t that simply superb?

But while it’s vacation time for baby Aaradhya, mommy Ash is all set to work hard. Apparently Aishwarya had committed to a brand event that’s scheduled to take place during the Dubai World Cup and now is the time to honour this commitment. What’s more, Aishwarya’s mom, Vrinda Rai will also be accompanying her daughter and grand-daughter to Dubai to look after Aaradhya when Ash is busy working.

Juggling work with a newborn isn’t easy and Aishwarya knows it pretty well by now. Every tiny detail about the baby’s first trip abroad – right from the passport to baby toys – had to be taken care of. But even with so many hassles, we hear that Aishwarya couldn’t bear to leave her baby’s side. Awwwww! After all being a mommy is a beautiful experience, isn’t it? We’re sure Ash couldn’t agree more.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Gurung

    I love her and i get inspired from her. she is great daugther, great mother and now not only great wife same time greatest mom. I am also a mom> but could,t do same for my little girl. so i love you and respect you for what you are and who you are. god bless

    • Sunita

      Ribbish – we ordinary people do more for our children than celebrities. We do not have the money to hire umpteen servants to do all the dirty work. I wonder if Aish has to wash dishes or cook in the kitchen, do any cleaning in the house, or lift a pretty finger!!! My mother could not afford to take off from work to be with me for my babies so that I could work. Even if he could afford it, I would not let my husband buy a 1 crore+ car for my child, specially when the child cannot even drive for years to come. I would rather donate the money to charity or open a school in the child’s name.

      • to Sunita from me

        You are just jealous! hahahaha…….

        • Madhu

          She talking the truth.

      • Madhu

        I am not against Ash, but this much hype by people and the media is too much. The media can do better than to poke that celebrity’s life. And as for people who object people like me and Sunitha, Ash is not going to help us in any way. That is the truth. Why should i be jealous of a celebrity? THis is to people who object us: WE ARE NOT MONEY MINDED to get jealous. Simply, if the baby’s mother was somebody else, the little one wouldn’t have got much attention. Damn Media and Damn people who object the truth.

    • PRT

      how do you know she is perfect for everything ? nobody can be perfect in this world.if you can’t do something for your kids the what type of mother you are ? loseerrrrrrrr lady..

      • To PRT

        Stop getting on poor Sunitha. Try telling it in the public and you are gone for good.

      • this is to PRT by Madhu

        Oh c’mon, what are gonna achieve after pinning down Sunitha? Gracious, and to put it in one word: “YOU GUYS PROTECT YOUR CELEBRITIES WHEN THEY THEMSELVES AREN’T CARED ‘BOUT IT. AND WHEN IT COMES TO FIGHT A WAR, YOU POOH-POOH IT AWAY, AND NOT PROTECT MOTHER INDIA! DAMN PEOPLE!

  • masuumas

    hey Ashwaria is just being a mother! and she’s doing everything that a mom needs to do it’s normal, isn’t it! I don’t know why press is making a big deal about everything that she is doing for the baby. I guess ashwaria will agree with me that, we mothers/parent get our babies to this world on our terms because we are ready for the joy as well as the responsibilities that come along with the baby! we dont give birth to the baby thinking Oh wow now i have five maids around me and i can manage to have a baby now!etc… I travelled with my daughter when she was not even TWO MONTHS. I believe most of the mothers (inspite of being busy) on this earth will never want to stay away from the baby, so does Ashwaria. Just because press needs a good write up about ashwaria they are glowrifing small small things that she does for her baby! like few days ago i had read that Ashwaria is changing the nappy of her baby! big deal – it’s normal to do so… It will be a shame on mothers who deprives themselves of these beautiful pleasures and moments with their baby! i am surely ashwaria rai fan but please press it’s getting overdose of how much she does for her baby!!!Love to Ashwaria and family! God Bless

  • anila

    fattyy lmao sunitaa!!!! jelous coooooow!

  • aslaha

    i donnoooo…!
    baby ash is cute….!

  • swati kanojiya

    aishwarya you are so cute and you baby is also cute

  • saira syed

    congratulations on your new arrival to the bachchan family xx

  • tehmina gull

    hi ash u r soooooooooooo beutifull shadii k bad to ap bht piyari ho gi ho ur old fan gull