Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2: How far will Shlok go to torture Astha?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Shlok has finally shown his true colors just like we predicted

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir takes the love-hate relationship a notch higher than the previous season, but we don’t like it one bit. Treating women like a doormat and insinuating that it’s her duty to always be below men is beyond infuriating.

The minute Shlok (Avinash Sachdev) and Astha (Shrenu Parikh) began their love story we predicted that something seems amiss. It was too early for Shlok to get all goody. As soon as the duo tied the knot, the dishy dude started showing his true colours. His real motive to marry Astha was apparently to take revenge.

He categorically tells her that she will live the rest of her life as his personal servant doing everything he says – good or bad. He further adds that she can’t go back home ‘coz she has hurt her parents enough and if they know the truth they will not be able to bear it. And telling anyone at his house will not benefit her either.

We are sure, like any daily soap in the end Shlok will be forced to change, he will fall in love and marry Astha all over again and this time it will be for love. What utter crap!

Ideally how long is Astha expected to tolerate her maniac husband? Every time he tortures her, humiliates her and treats her like shit – she will continue going back to him and ask for more? Is that what the character is going to do? ‘Coz such a show is beyond derogatory and insults the state of women’s affairs in the country.

And how far will Shlok go with his mode of torture? Will he also force her in bed to make her submit?

If you ask us, we are not in favour of such a show that’s so derogatory to women, are you?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Anamul hoquw

    I was very fun of 1st episode of iss pyar ku kya naam doon also the lovely couple when it comes to finish I never thought someone could do the character like b4 bt when I see some romantic scen of sholok with Astra really I liked the episode bt now I see its nothing just boring cz how a lover/husband could cheat with her lover/wife with her trust and love so I don’t wana see this kind of bad behavior of sholok to Astra

    • Darshi

      what is wrong with writers they make women strong not weak.

  • anitha

    season 1 ARNAV is a man with values and KHUSHI a girl who is fearless even though uneducated and now the hero is a cheat and a fraud and the girl is dumb. Now after heavy torturing of ASTHA she falls in love again with the redeemed psycho and we have to accept that. SHLOK SOULD NOT BE HAILED A HERO, he is a pyscho who went beyond redemption

  • Tasmin ahmed khan

    Iss pyaar is one of my favo show but no 2 is so lame this is not a love story shlok marry astha to take revange astha bear shlok rude astha should leave the house show shlok whap a girl can do in her life then there will be a entry of a boy may be astha friend or else who will close of her and that will be best fos that their closeness makd shlok upset and jealous then he will realise his mistake love and he will go to astha tell her he love her a will tell that she hates him doing drama etc

  • archana

    i truly agree,but astha should not be quite she should give tit for tat and leave shlok when he finds guilty and astha parents should know all this and support her but not cry and there when shlok improves all astha should leave him. she should go to work and not be home and win in her work pls show some new not all the melo drama

  • sk


  • Gifty

    I completely agree with this article. Why should we promote or encourage such a serial which shows that a guy who is psychotic can have all the fun by satisfying his devilish desires of torturing a human being and the girl will still be waiting for him and change him. This is inhuman. This concept in itself is a violation of women’s rights, human rights and completely heartless. They’ve completely lost it. In IPKKND, Arnav’s character was a hard nut to crack but he had values, he never ever used Khushi – like touching intimately, speaking sugar-dipped words, making false promises just for the purpose of cheating. How sick? I had pity for these actors in IPKKND2 because they had a tough challenge but now I don’t like them because no human being should want to act in such brutal roles. Shlok’s character is worser than Shyam’s because Shyam was atleast called the villain but here Shlok is the so called hero – what is happening to this world?

  • shweta

    what about the film ishaqzaade? didnt pariniti chopra reform arjun kapoor and turn the beast into a human? people loved the movie. and parma had even shagged zoya on wedding night! i mean shlok didn’t do dat. i dont think shlok is the type to rape. he was always quite protective about astha’s (or any woman’s) modesty. i am not defending shlok. but this is a story. before the serial began, avinash sachdev (shlok) said in an interview that he was both the vilaain as well as the hero of the serial. may be he wil turn into a hero later (like parma in the 2nd half of ishaqzaade). wait til u watch full serial. the first promo of ipk2 showed viewers dat shlok was a dark character and dat he was fooling astha. remember in baazigar, shahrukh was the protagonist but he was an anti-hero or villain. he fell for kajol but killed shilpa shetty

  • mione

    Promoting shlok as a hero is what I feel disgusting about the show. IPKKND filled happiness in our hearts and defined love but now every character is filled with negativity…its just too much

  • sakhi

    Many married people in any culture of this world can look back to when their married life began. How many can find some level of bitterness (some or much). Now years later they are insepreable. In thisshow the bitterness started out as one sided then Aastha’s response is as a result of that. Shalok’s playing harsh mind games but will not be able to physically hurt Aastha. Aside from having a disturbed mind he also loves her…………………

  • vandanna

    one and only best serial in the wolrd is iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?? ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA & KUSHI KUMARI GUPTHA SINGH RAIZADA and other cast made real feel in viewers

    and this IPKKND EBP is totally worst utterfloop serial those people who are working in these serial they created waste as actors

  • Adani

    Yes, its highly disturbing to watch this serial. All the main characters have mental issues. Niranjan, Anjal, Shlok. Its too much to take this kind of abuse. Shlok and Niranjan have a bipolar personality. Build a very rosy picture in front of society, but take pleasure in abusing women at their home.
    They need to alter the story line to some extent. We watch serials for entertainment, not to be shown with this kind of atrocities. The time slot is at 6pm, when only housewives can get to watch. Its a complete no-no.. This is no pyaar…. Sadism at its heights!

  • lady bird

    it doesnot matter about what u think…these things happen… reality…..dats y dey bcum d subjects to be shown on tv….if dese things wudnt hav happened in our society…den dere wud hav been no such things happening on tv also….havent u heard about tortures n domestic violence??????

    • princess

      i so i agree with what u ae saying thing like this happen for real

  • ria banerji

    i agree with ure point of view …. it is beyond insulting and reinforces the old stereotypes … i have stopped watching this soap !

  • Riha D’Arshi

    The whole show has been a joke since day one. Stopped watching a while back, totally degrading the original version!

  • Shan

    It’s true that domestic violence happens but that doesn’t mean that TV can romanticise it by making heroes out of men who treat women badly and thus far I think that is what this show is trying to do. They are making out that Aastha is weak despite having a Masters in event management. She can’t seem to manage her own life. They make her out to be a right fool who searches through things right in front of her husband and leaves the evidence!!! Whilst Shlok is so clever and always a step ahead!!! Women are not stupid whether they have a Masters or not! This movie is so backwards!!! Even Khushi had more brains than Aastha’s character does!!! Aastha seems to have no brains and spends most her time crying in front of Shlok!!! It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if Aastha goes and walks out on Shlok, flirts with a bunch of men or call DV organisations on him, she will embarrass his dad yet again! So she has a lot of power in her hands that she seems so ignorant of!!! She only has to call the papers to get it started!!!

    • ila

      i agree! Aastha acts so stupid, its annoying to watch. I gave this show a try but its not anything like the first one. They should change the name of this show. the story line is interesting but the writing and the events could been plotted out in a much better way. Despite all that, the chemistry between the 2 actors is dull and boring. This show is a big let down for me. If it gets somewhat better later on i might start watching again, but it will never be nearly as good as Ipkknd for many reasons.

  • Shan

    Why they call this IPKKND season 2 is beyond me. In season 1, ASR had issues and Khushi was funny and a bit nutty but at the end of the day the characters were lovable. It is a shame as season 2 could have been so good! I am watching IPKKND 1 again. I won’t be watching anymore of season 2, it’s rubbish and has no positive social message except justifying Domestic Violence in all its forms, emotional, physical, financial etc.!!!

  • Sadiq Ahmed

    Today’s episode of is pyar ko kiya naam duon 2 that made woman perform pati puja, wash his feet and drink the polluted water is so outrageous that it smacks of demented perversion. There must be a limit to freedom of action in public media episodes and producers must be warned against showing showing such depraved dramatization or face legal sanctions. This is essential to prevent potential abuse. There are enough demented men in real life ( remember the infamous Delhi bus rape episode?) and the media should refrain from igniting such animality in social dramas. I am really incensed and couldn’t look my wife and daughter in the eye while watching is abusive episode. Shame on the producers Star TV, and even the actors, particularly the willing women actors.

  • Polmar

    Ipkknd 2 is interesting. The story is based on ladies, few other things based on really only tradition. Think & imagine what ladies must be going through during those days. Show is totally different from the usual shows. Hats off to the entire cast of the show for fabulous work

  • sani

    this is too boring
    always violence

  • sani

    u can make it interesting

  • pratishtha

    The name of the serial should have been ISS TORTURE KO KYA NAAM DOON. :-P .Seriously! ruining the name of season 1.

  • pratishtha

    Instead of IPKKND the name should have been ISS TORTURE KO KYA NAAM DOON. :-P .Seriously! they are simply ruining the name of season 1..

    • ila

      true, they should just name it something else. it is nothing like the original

  • sia

    gd drama