Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2: How should Astha avoid going for a honeymoon with Shlok?

The Agnihotri household has some weird rules and are experts at manipulating their kids, including Shlok

While Astha’s (Shrenu Parikh) in-laws love to pretend that they are from the 21st century, their behaviour tells a different story altogether! In the recent episode, apparently for a ceremony called pati puja (!) the women of the house were seen washing their husbands’ feet with milk and water, and then drinking it…ewwww!

When Astha refused to go through the disgusting act, she was humiliated and had to face the wrath of her in-laws and husband. But Astha refused to budge, which obviously did not sit well with Shlok (Avinash Sachdev). The dishy dude, who married Astha after proclaiming his so-called love in front of the entire janta, has another face behind closed doors.

After the hullabaloo dies down a bit, Shlok begins to plan his honeymoon with Astha. After all, it’s a custom for newlywed couples to go on a honeymoon, but Astha very clearly tells Shlok that she is not interested. And as expected, he refuses to budge from his decision. So Astha comes up with some creative excuses to avoid the outing, but to no avail – our hero is one step ahead. He still finds some way or the other to make sure they go on their honeymoon. So we decided to help Astha with some tips to avoid the torture-some outing. Share with us, if you have suggestions tom add for Astha to avoid going out with Shlok.

# Astha can fake an allergy to all the places Shlok picks to go on a honeymoon.

# Astha should hire goons to break Shlok’s leg. That would obviously cancel the honeymoon, no?

# On the day of their departure, Astha can lose the train or flight tickets. And if he still insists to go by car, break the brakes!

# Every time Shlok talks about their honeymoon, she should just pretend to faint. Conversations would be kept on hold temporarily.

# Astha should agree to go on the honeymoon, and then ditch him at the airport.

# Every time Shlok makes a reservation, Astha should secretly call up the place and cancel it.

# Astha can cut off all of Shlok’s credit cards – no money, no trip!

# Astha can lock herself in the bathroom until they miss their flight. When she comes out, she can always complain about a weak stomach.

# She can give the doctor excuse and say she needs to see a sexologist before going on her honeymoon.

Well if nothing works, she should carry poison oak with her on the honeymoon. Anytime he tries to act smart, you know what to do. Wink..wink!!!