Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir TV review: No chemistry, but has the potential to garner great TRPs

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...Ek Baar Phir TV review

The first season was all about the rich vs poor divide, while the second season hinges on the classic battle of the sexes

Man or woman – who do you think is better? Now that’s been an ongoing argument for eons, with no real winner. And that is the new debate on the second season of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, a popular show that starred Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani in its first season. Riding on its popularity, the makers decided to come back with Season 2. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir is all about the love-hate relationship between Aastha Kirloskar (Shrenu Parikh) and Shlokh Agnihotri (Avinash Sachdev).

Shlokh is in the business of education, which also includes building schools and colleges. His father Niranjan (Manish Wadhwa) commands respect in society for the work he does for unfortunate women and children. He hates his mother Anjali (Geetanjali Tikekar) for something she did a long time ago that changed his life drastically. Niranjan seems like a calm person, who never gets angry and believes in justice. Anjali, on the other hand, is sexist and doesn’t believe in gender equality. She is of the opinion that men are kings and women are only meant to serve them. Shlokh takes that from his mother. He believes that women are weak and are being arrogant by comparing themselves to men. They should not have an opinion and it’s a waste to give them any rights, he insists. The only words a woman should utter are ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’. Now that irks us a little bit…okay, a lot. Let’s hope things change soon.

The Kirloskars are a middle class family who are free thinking and consider their daughter Astha’s happiness to be their first priority. Kalinidhi (Prachi Shah), Avdhood (Tushar Dalvi) and Aaji love Astha and have always believed that their daughter is not less than anyone. Astha is a soft-hearted person who just can’t see something wrong happening and ignore it.

The show starts with Astha getting on the wrong foot with Shlokh. Their first fight happens when she accidentally takes his concert tickets for women from the old age home. Shlokh insults her in front of the entire audience. Their second fight happens on the train when he loses his wallet and is caught by the ticket collector. He believes Astha stole his wallet to take revenge. Their third fight – this was a big one – happens when Shlokh catches four students leaking exam papers. But he expels only the girl involved. Unfortunately for him, she is Astha’s friend – and Astha fights tooth and nail to get her justice. Things take a turn for the worse when the media gets involved and humiliates Shlokh’s father for being a hypocrite. Shlokh vows to teach Astha a lesson for ruining the reputation of the only man he loves.

The story so far seems to be pretty good, with a watchable subplot. The concept of men vs women is being explored beautifully and as the battle of sexes progresses, it should get more intense.

Avinash Sachdev as Shlokh is very good, so much so that we are ready to forgive the makers for not bringing Barun Sobti back. AS does complete justice to the character of being a chauvinistic pig. Shrenu Parikh (Astha), however, does not match up to the potential of her character; she can’t match up to Sanaya Irani’s talent. And the chemistry between the two actors is just not as sizzling as we want it to be. Manish Wadhwa is a big mystery. We still haven’t figured if he is the bad guy or the good one. Geetanjali Tikekar seems wooden, while Prachi Shah and Tushar Dalvi as Astha’s parents are pretty natural.

All in all, we like the show and the potential it has to make it big. However, we are not happy with the time slot – with better timings, there’s a chance the makers can actually pull in a lot more viewers. As long as they keep up the pace of the show, it is likely to get great TRPs.

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Letty Mariam Abraham

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • Bhawana

    Avinash Sachdev is just awesome as Shlok Agnihotri and IPKKND…EBP has an awesome storyline and wish the channel gives it a better timeslot

  • hookedonGeet

    Giver her a chance, she was very good in Gulaal

  • bunnynose

    the story line is not very attractive and it doesnt get the viewers edged to their seats like the first season. and the co characters in this season are really boring!! unlike the 1st season where we had manorama mami and madumati buaji as comedy relief and all others like anjali played an equal role as well!! i personally dont like the chemistry between astha and shlok but im hope it improves overtime and becomes a hit like the 1st season although is pyaar ko kya naam doon season 1 will aways be in our hearts forever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    The show is good but nothing extraordinary. Season 1 had sizzling chemistry from the 1st episode. Whereas season 2 doesn’t have that. The storylines are entirely different. It would be better if the makers of the new show avoid repeating arshi scenes as it will lead to comparisons. The rain scene was almost the same as Arshi’s (Shlok makes Aastha wear his coat whereas Arnav takes it back when Khushi refuses to take it). Avinash as Shlok is good but his angry expressions look forced.

  • Kirthi

    i think Avinash and Shrenu share great chemistry both on and off screen… and the show has just begun… i am already hooked… and i am watching the show only because of the chemistry between the lead pair… no offense meant, but the review seems to be biased…

    • Polmar

      I agree with u.

  • Rukshana Charania

    You g

  • Evita

    I watch series from the first episode and it is awesome.
    Both actors are doing, your super job and chemistry burns between them.
      The series is getting better and you stop to compare it with the first part.

    • Elle Lee

      NO one is comparing with the first session rather they are the one who usually copied the dialogues and attitude from previous…from the first epii…i found this is jst a time waste serial…

  • Meh

    I love IPKKND..Ek baar Phir season 2 and the chemistry between Shlok and Astha is sizzling….it’s been a month now and we are all hooked that i have completly forgotten the first season….Shrenu is an amazing actress, and let’s not forget Sanaya was overacting also during the start of season 1 and got better with time.

    • Jaya

      If you think that Sanaya was overacting then you obviously didn’t understand the character of Khushi…she was supposed to be an OTT character who used her goofiness to cover her true feelings. Sanaya’s portrayal was impeccable from the first frame. Her co star though did need time to get into his character. Sorry but Shrenu and amazing actress just don’t go in the same sentence. I’ve caught the show a few times and quite frankly Shrenu is the reason that I can’t watch it. Avinash does a decent job but Shrenu can’t act…everything she does is forced plus she looks like a little girl next to Avinash. Had Avinash had a decent co star the show may have garnered more popularity.

    • angel

      chemistry between aastha and shalok ws osum .they r better Dan khusi n aarnav.

      • arohi

        what the hell?

  • sarundeewani

    crap serial! No no no one can replace barun and sanaya and d original ipkknd! Get a life and do something else people!

  • shira

    Plz………….. Change the timings Plz………………

  • shira

    plzzzzzz change timings plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Leela

    Its very good serial, Sholkh and Astha is very good pair. Dtd: 27.09.13 last comment is not good. because the astha is very caum and cool, but sholkh is very angry with her. overall the IPKKND is excellent serial, I Love Sholkh and Astha character.

  • Muna

    Yes, I agree 100% to this article. But according to me, Sanaya is too great to be compared to television actresses. In fact she must be compared to Julia Roberts of pretty woman.

  • Muna

    Yes, I wholly agree to this article. But according to me, Sanaya is too great to be compared to television actresses. In fact she must be compared to Julia Roberts of pretty woman.

  • paushally

    please change the timing of the soap… 6.00 in the evening is simply to early..

  • paushally

    get back to the 8 pm slot.

  • chanra

    Sanaya irani is incomparable

  • Rukshana

    Season 2 is great. Needs to move this show to prime time. Both Astha and Sholkh are great. I would like to see story moves little faster. Some time you interest if the same thing is repeating again and again. Awesome show to watch.

  • tahmina

    its not that bad its kind of nice since I’m ill and off school I can watch it but normally I watch IPKKND season 1 but I really want to watch the second one but I’m still in love with season one and I did not get to watch the beginning so yeah

  • lata rathore

    Guys can we watch the show without being biased to the first season?I feel tht this season 2 is better than the first one n I like the chemistry between shlok n astha n they r doing justice with their character..I m curious to knw tht what will happen once thy get married coz thy have different lets wait n watch!

  • diana

    i am in LOVE with this show. idont care what others say. am a diehard fan of this show. LOVE IT

  • Gusjd

    I miss the old ipkknd..the casting of season 2 doesnt hav the old maggic..they seem like an odd pair

  • angel

    Osum chemistry between aastha and shalok ….<3

  • susmita

    i just love the show……
    i think the time of the show should be changed…

  • sneha

    nice show…..
    luv the chemistry of sholk and astha …….
    she is so cute and he is handsome …so nice couple..

  • Prerna

    Avinash is too good! Watch the show because of him. No chemistry between him and astha though. Feels fake.

  • Rafia raffs upala

    Im nt cmparng…acc to me ipkknd 2 is good..muje un dononka chemistry bohot acha lagtha he…asta ke drsng style nd hair style bohot he cute lagthe he…..romance ke sath thoda comedy milega tho or bhe acha lagega……….. …mujhe lagtha he asta nd shlokh jode kamal karegee…keepp rockngg…nd rockng nd rockng,

  • anony

    thats not good! though its just a bloody article but if i write that u have no talent to write or u can’t match up to my writing skills, what will u feel??? sanaya is not the end of world, shrenu too is talented! she’ll improve with exgerience! infact sumtymz sanaya was OTT types for me!
    so give her a chance, she is a gud actress!

    • hg


  • Vidya

    I loved avinash’s portrayal of shlok. However, shlok revealed his feelings for aastha too early in this season, so the element of romance seems to be short lived, the more the wait, the more interesting the episodes would have been. The chemistry between the lead pair is good but aastha looks too small for shlok. Barun rocked so does avinash.

    • Polmar

      They both look cute together, Shlok is matured then Aastha, this makes it more interesting. I lovin them so much together

  • EVE

    IPKKND was d first n may b d last serial which is close to my heart…..none of actors can replace BARUN n SANAYA……….as soon as i here IPKKND d one n only thing that flashes in my mind is d adorable oncreen pair “ARNAV n KHUSHI”…..i have seen few episodes but i didnt find any reason to cotinue watching it so i have sstopped watching.

    • nats

      I agree, I have been watching the show for a while, waiting for it to get more interesting, but it only gets more convoluted and boring. The only characters worthy of special mention are Shlok’s father, who seems to have a lot of layers to him and Kalindhi who is excellent as Aastha’s mom ..The rest of the characters, including Shlok and Aastha lack depth. And the chemistry between Aastha and Shlok, lacks any natural sizzle. They both seem to be trying too hard..I actually prefer shlok as the brooding man in the beginning to his “Romantic” self, he seems more perverted than Romantic…their chemistry made me throw up a little in my mouth…lol..He was at his best in Choti bahu.The role of an angry young man turned romantic pervert is NOT for him…As for Aastha, she is a fine actress, but the pairing with Shlok is so wrong, that I find it difficult to look beyond that, maybe if she had been paired with someone else??…Even if we did not have the first season of IPKKND as a reference point, this show would not be my first choice, and not only because of the inconvenient time slot..

      • Polmar

        The purpose of the show is to entertain, & to me it’s 100% keeping me engaged. I don’t think of watching any other shoe then AShlok. Love & attraction doesnt see height, age & so on.. That’s what I love about this Jodi. Male should be more matured then girls, it’s moe sizzling. No mater what others think of the show me loving it alot

  • jyotimehra

    I m not like this I want only n only arshi on ipkknd??

  • vipal

    the quality of the show is outstanding and innovative than story

  • Lily

    A couple months down the road and the show is absolutely outstanding. The chemistry between Avinash and Shrenu is just out of this world, natural, intense, beautiful. Avinash portrays Shlok with such precision that the character stands on its own and need not be compared to any other. Shrenu has emerged as queen of expressions, perfectly portraying everything Astha and all that she feels. The writing is to be applauded, the plot is explored at a perfect pace, the directing is worthy of a standing ovation… is an exceptional show with and exceptional ensemble. Just saying. :)

  • divya

    ipkknd 1 was better than this

  • Polmar

    Am enjoying the show a lot. Chemistry between Shlok & Aastha is great. They both r playing their roles well. Can’t wait to see today’s episode. I rate it 4.5

  • Sk

    This show is like against womens and girls which is quite hurting my feelings , i think it could be a better tv show !

  • kavi

    I like astha ‘s action more than kushi’s. kushi used to do overaction. I used to watch ipkknd 1 only for barun

    • kitty

      AS IF !!! Khushi’s acting was like a magic. She acted as per her role. U cant blame her. Atleast she acts 100000 times better than this idiot Astha who doesnt even know to act!!! IPKKND EBP is number one BAKWAAS SHOW…. Really Compared to ipkknd it is nothing! Star Plus ki bewakoofi ko kya naam doon ek baar phir!!!!

      • niku

        IPKKND EBP ……..TOO BAKWAS becz of slokh n astha starts romancing anywhr….too embrasng.

  • kitty

    IPKKND with Arshi was the BEST!!! Love u Arnav and Khushi….. SARUN rocks.

  • suman

    IPKKND season is one is sooo………….. best than IPKKND ek baar phir . IPKKND EBP is one of the most BAKWAAS show.shlok looking so bad than barun sobti and his chemistry is so BORING with aastha barun and sanya’s chemistry is the best with another jodi.s chemistry

  • manisha

    i knw frns ashlok are nt able to brng bk d chemistry of arshi bk but dey r tryng thr level bst n evn avinash sachdev in an interview said dt he ws nt aware of the title ipkknd ebp cos b4 the scripts n chrctr gvn to him ws totly diffrnt so hr the makers n PH is to blame nt the actors r rly wrkng hrd puttng thr bst bt as we al knw dey o ne othr couple cn never ever re create d magic on screen arshi/sarun the best evrgreen couple hope to c u soon

  • Tharuka

    For now my favorite tv show is ‘iss pyar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir’.

    and season 1 is best but i dont like 2 compare both shows.because both shows are best individualy.pls change the airing time to 8.00pm. or to previous time.