Its Entertainment song Johnny Johnny: Akshay Kumar fails to look drunk!

Its Entertainment, Akshay Kumar, Tamannaah, Krushna Abhishek

Do you remember the childhood nursery poem of the same name? Read on to find a new meaning to the same poem…

The makers of the Akshay Kumar and Tamannah’s Its Entertainment have come up with the first song from the film called Johnny Johnny. The song takes a dig at the classic nursery rhyme Johnny Johnny Yes Papa and modernises it with a very hep take and slick lyrics.

What we like

-The quirky lyrics are the highlight of the song.

-The beats of the song are good and the song will work well in the party circuits.

-Krushna Abhishek’s funny antics drive you to watch the song again and again.

What we don’t like

-Akshay Kumar‘s drunken act in no Amitabh Bachchan from Sharabi. After a bit Akki’s act becomes more of a pile on.

-The lip syncing is not that great, as the singer’s voice hardly seems suited for Akshay Kumar’s baritone.

What seems okay

-Tamannaah’s trying to be the sexy hot babe, who comes out from the swimming pool and dances in wet clothes. She naturally looks good and therefore doesn’t look bad in the song, but her steps and facial expressions are not that sizzling or oomph-driving.

Produced by Tips, the movie has Akshay Kumar and Tamannaah in the lead roles. It also has Krushna Abhishek, Johnny Lever and whole bunch of comedy actors, who make this movie a funny mad caper. Wethinks this song might work for a few days during the release of the film, but will fizz out of people’s memory after the first weekend. So go ahead BollywoodLifers, have a look at the song and let us know what you like and what you don’t.

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  • Yellow Buttercup

    Not all drunken people behave in an idiotic manner; everyone
    behave differently when they are drunk. You
    people need to lighten up a little! But of course it’s an Akshay Kumar movie,
    so you people have to find fault with every detail of the movie. Your life must be perfect because it is easy
    to criticise other people all the time.

  • Madhava Rao

    I echo the sentiments of the comments below. I have been observing that your little, unknown piece of gossiping rag always pick on Akshay and his movies. You seem to eb eating the stalee, old PaiKhan of the three midget, mediocre PaiKhans with both hands and always trying to put down Akshay! Get a life! To jaundiced eyes, certain things always look yellow. If you don;t like Akshay, publish that disclaimer at the beginning of any news related to him and then move on!

    • Sophia Kirkwood

      Listen up now. If you want to bring out faults then pic Srk or Salman or Saif or Aamir.. why only you all like to bring out faults in AKSHAY only.. he performed nicely and people are liking the way he performing in a new look and Style.. so can you just stop writing such lie news about the SuperStar Akshay!!

  • ashutosh

    Fuck you akshay Kumar haters ..

  • ashutosh

    Jitno bhi koshish Karol AK ko giraane ki…but we Akkians will never gonna let u haters let him down

  • raghav

    Akshay is best ! Song is great ! Love it