It’s Salman Khan’s Kick versus Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year for fans!

It’s Salman Khan’s Kick versus Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year for fans!

Fans of Salman and SRK got into a battle of words on the web

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s arch rivalry has surely divided the legion of Bollywood fans into two. Their set of fans have always stood in absolute opposition with each other. And with the recently released trailer of Sallu miyaan’s upcoming film, Kick, the fans of the warring Khans of Bollywood have got into the battle of words on the web.

While the fans of Salman are going gaga about the trailer of their idol’s upcoming film, SRKians (as they are called) are waiting for King Khan’s upcoming film, Happy New Year, which they are sure will be better than Kick.

Here’s taking a look at some of the hilarious and nasty posts about the actors and the film Kick, from social networking sites…

Is it really an achievement to copy a south indian movie name #Kick and people r so desperate 2 see its trailer?

Salman is following srk foot step to promotion of kick.Sallu miya ,film to copy karte hi ho ab promotion bhi aise hi karoge kya -lol

#Kick will get kick only. People are waiting for #happynewyear of @iamsrk

Salman Khan is seen riding a cycle in his latest movie Kick. Wow, people in Mumbai must be feeling safe on footpaths now

Ohh god..another pakau bakwaas mindless movie can’t tolerate any more

Dear SRK Sirf romantic hone se sirf baba ka #kick milta he aur kuch nahi :D

Srk fans got destroyed by a storm #dhoom3 nw their ass will be kick by #kick

Farah:SRK do u knw #KICK trailer vil b launched at Gaiety SRK:Yups KAL contest b khela tha from1 of my fake accounts:P

There is a reason why Salman Khan released the trailer on Father’s Day, because he is the BAAP of all Superstars. Sunna Na SRK. Now take #KICK

They: #HNY has Farah, Abhishek, SRK and most imp Deepika Padukone, it’s HUGE WE: #KICK has Salman, and dats Very Very Huge

Gulam (kick) ne apni chal chali he. Abhi Badshah (happy new year) ki bari aani baki he.

Shah Rukh Khan has roped in Taran Adarsh as a lead for ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ !! Only Mr Adarsh can enable HNY to go past ‘KICK’ and ‘DHOOM 3′ !!

Dear @iamsrk fans,our aim is to break D3s record n not dat of CE’s. So keep calm n Get KICK this EID

Dear SRK & Srkians, Happy Father’s Day, Your Father Has Arrived :D Get Your Kick

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  • Daaku Modi

    Happy new year pic looks outdated,i believe mmovie will be robbery dance kind of boring movie

  • MrAnnu .

    If one or two movies remake is ok but this is like his last all filims are remaked from south which is the best, Only Dabang is in his account … he is scared of taking new movies and telling that he is superstar Our almost all bumper hits he remade already .. Seriously im saying he is just spoiled all those filims which was done by our Actors .. I dont know now what he is going to remake … ALMOST FINISHED

    • akshay

      kick is not copied only 6 scenes r same n its 1000 tims btr dn orignl.. go watch d trailer..dn mk comments…:)) no offence..n aftr kick hs wrkng on all frsh projcts..!”"

      • Raj

        Not taken but copied + Last scene mission impossible 4+ mask KRRISH and Batman.After KICK he has a sequel of an hollywood rip of NO ENTRY….A love saga….And a marathi filmm remake YELLOW and KABIR KHAN s next…..pata nehi kya honge wo.

        • akshay

          woow.. u mst b sm critic to knw d last scene.. bhaii mvy dekh lii kya..m btw jumpng frm a buildng is not copyng dude… just wait fr d mvy to comment… n if mask is copy dn krisshh itslf was copied frm zorro..woow.. again.. u knw d script of neme evn.. ossm yaar..n marathi remake is jst being producd by hm.. jan lo bolne se phle..n kabir khan ki mvy kyaa hgii.. aane do fr cmment krna…

          u hav seen kick knw d script of neme.. n evn knw s.k is not in shuddhii.. woow.. u mst b sm critic or kjos assistant or may b sm1 from nadiadwalas grup…loll..

          bro being jealous is ur chois but y to sound idiot due to dat.. replyng to evry cmment shws hw huge hater u r.. kp dat to urslf..
          LGTA H TRAILER SE SOLID KICK PDI H TUME…tbi ngtvty failane me lg gye.. abi to music ana baki h dost..cntrol kro..abii bht kick pdngi haters ko….seeing all ur stupid replies out of jealousyy too much fun..dude..:D

    • Hamzah

      The action director of Kick is from Hollywood the same guy who made Skyfall, The Dark Knight trilogy, gladiator etc so you can guess how big it is……

  • Abhinav Anand

    salman khan rock…on ..

  • Anand

    Lol! Just compare poster of HNY and that of Kick. How do people in HNY poster look like? Bunch of jokers! Salman in Kick poster?? A Lion showcasing him alone.
    Salman buy remake remake rights just for adaption for south movie Kick, while Lungi Thakur from Paglapur rip off scenes without even giving credits, let alone buying remake rights. For example, crappy express has so many rip-off scenes from south movies like Okkadu, Mungaru Male and Alex Pandian etc. Next is Disastrous New Year, a total rip off of Hollywood Movie Ocean’s 11.
    And Man with a man does not mean he is a Krishh or Batman. Mask is worn to hide one’s identity.

    • Raj

      After INDICINE here also….:-D So many ???? :-D ….Only 2-3 and also as you say for KICK is just an adaptation so as CE as it has changed the situation from serious to comedy…..FOOLISH ASS HOLE MORON…..:-D…Ye sab adjective tujhe describe karne mein kam par raha hey…..:-D

    • aisha

      That’s it , it’s always about Salman ALONE, the heroine doesn’t matter atall she’s just there in the film 4 formality “eye candy”as some say, SRK on the other hand atleast tries to give his heroine due importance. Especially with deepika from the time when she was a newbie in .Om shanti om to C E and now in HNY. No wonder deepika chooses SRK over Salman cos she knows she will be given ample opportunity to shine. Yet pple try to make it seem like SRK is the insecure one.

  • shahid

    Salman kick is totly difrent compare to orignal..and another forcoming project is prem ratan than payo, no entry me entry sequel, kabir khan next, shudhi these all are not remake..ok you people gelous actualy….

    • Raj

      No entry itself is rip off…..Sudhi isn’t featuring salman…..

  • anonymous

    Wishing luck to both …may the best movie lead …
    No use comparing unless released and watched …
    Why this meaning less war of words ?
    Salman and srk do different kind of movies so its not fair to compare them.

  • critic

    Let the movies release then compare …
    No sense in degrading salman or srk ..
    If movie is good people will go watch it …just bcos of srk or salman fans movies run …
    Example ….ra one. And jai. Ho …
    Ye fans kisi din salman aur srk dono ko
    Le doobenge ….
    Why talk only about these two ?
    Bollywood have many good stars ….
    Forget these aged actors …

  • aisha

    Seriously, when will bollywood stop feeling inferior and stop copying Hollywood?, i believe there are alot of young talented screen play writers out there, alot of untapped talent with many interesting stories to tell. I think it’s ok to be inspired by other pple and their works, maybe the idea given in the movie inception that “no ideas are original and the origin of every idea is implanted into the mind of man” might not be entirely false , i still think that true inspiration is possible if only bwood will stop looking at bwood too much and trust their own talents.

    The whole idea of the mystery super hero has been exhausted and had gotten really old. In today’s time real super heros come out in the open and face their adversaries. Today , telling the truth is seen as a revolutionary act y can’t film makers use this concept and modernize the imagery of the super hero?…………….. guess they don’t want to have revolutions.
    I do understand that movies such as kick, bat man and other super hero masala types r made 4 ” entertainment” ESCAPISM but in truth they have a consequential effect on public which keeps them passive waitng 4 a hero to save them 4rm all the ills of society and that’s really bad.

  • aisha

    The hype around sallu and any records his movie might set or break will only galvanize SRK fans to support HNY when it releases no matter how crappy the movie might turn out to be. All this hulla hoo might turn out to be of greater benefit to SRK and farah khan in the long run. This will be another good year 4 Indian cinema.
    It’s amazing how the fans r played.

  • Sheila

    I think Salman will do well with Kick, but SRK will rock with HNY, because he has Deepika and come after 7 years with Farah Khan together again.

  • KING

    PEEKAY will be the highest grocer of this year. followed by kick. happy new year won’t cross 200 crores either. keep dreaming srkians.

  • sallu lallu

    salman khan name should be remake khan he always copy other people movie and stupid sallu fans goes to watch it

  • Vishal Garg

    SRK is saal lagegi teri vaat jab is EID marega tujhe KICK tera SALMAN baap, Kanna Keep and Calm, your Father has arrived, with a KICK to KICK all the box office records and you (SRK).