It’s the ‘mausam’ of love for Pankaj, Supriya

Mausam’s director and his wife shared a sweet, romantic moment at the launch of the promo of their new film

Romance is not just for the young. It’s also for those young at heart. Actor-director Pankaj Kapur and his actor wifey Supriya Pathak showed just that at the promo launch of Mausam the other day. The cast and crew were called on stage for a photo op, but the emcee forgot to invite Supriya,who is also playing an important role in the film. Pankaj mentioned it to the emcee, who immediately invited her to join in. So the Sarkar actor climbed up from the corner of the stage and walked past Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor to meet her husband in the middle of the stage – all the time with a shy smile, like a young girl getting a chance to stand next to her crush. The two even held hands through the photo op. It was a sweet moment that just goes to show why Pankaj, who is usually associated with serious cinema, would choose to debut as a director with a love story like Mausam – he has a mushy streak! We like, we do like…

To watch Mausam promo, click here