JAB TAK HAI JAAN movie review: Yash Chopra, Shahrukh Khan’s homage to true love, Bollywood ishtyle!

JAB TAK HAI JAAN movie review: Yash Chopra, Shahrukh Khan’s homage to true love, Bollywood ishtyle!

Yash Chopra’s swan song is an ode to love, delivered in his own way, on his own terms

At a time when big studios dictate the how-when-why-where of any film, it’s ironic that a studio boss delivers a three-hour product that is completely old school, with an impossible and mushy story line, all about love. And it works!Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a love story of three people, each being led by their own individual destiny, but linked by the strong bond of timeless emotion. The movie is how, even battling against a star-crossed fate, true love can endure. Where time is only a factor to beat, but never to succumb to, because that same love triumphs over all. Yes, this is the kind of premise the film is based on, and an absorbing and interesting story makes it happen.

This is the story of three very different people. Major Samar Anand, played by Shahrukh Khan, is a bomb defusal squad officer who believes in love. He is constantly on the warpath and is consumed by the destructive force of love. As a young, carefree guy in London – before he becomes a daredevil army man – falls in love with Meera (Katrina Kaif), a pretty young NRI. She is about to marry someone else her father wants for her and will not take Samar too seriously. Forever torn between a broken childhood and guilt, Meera is dealt a cruel card when a childish oath she took comes true, and Samar meets with an accident. Being naive, and driven by her guilt, she asks Samar to leave her forever.

Samar believes that God is mocking him, and he takes Him on by becoming a real daredevil army Major who works as a one-man bomb disposal squad in Kashmir. Never one to wear a safety jacket, he is forever playing Russian roulette with his life and has turned hard as stone. In the course of his tour of duty he meets Akira Rai (Anushka Sharma), a young, aspiring documentary filmmaker trying to capture with her camera the dangers of life in the army. Samar saves Akira from a blast and she falls in love with him, even though she belongs to a generation that falls in and out of relationships easily, never taking it too seriously. By chance she discovers a diary that tells of Samar’s love story. Akira films the Major being a total superhero – the documentary is selected by the TV channels. Samar travels to London to release the film…..and a superb twist turns the movie on its head.

At three hours, it may feel long, but Jab Tak Hai Jaan is an entirely watchable film, which has strong, well defined characters. The complex story with its sparse dialogue and mastery in capturing pretty, aesthetically sharp shots has the stamp of a mark of a true, accomplished veteran who knows his movie-making grammar and his cast and crew extremely well. JTHJ will be remembered as one of Yash Chopra’s finest works, and a fitting effort by a filmmaker at the peak of his craft.

A true farewell from a man who defined romance in cinema. Bravo, Yashji!

Rating:  3.5/5

* Poor – Avoid!

** Average – Give it a shot if you are desperate!

*** Good – One time watch!

**** Very good – Must watch!

***** Excellent – Don’t miss!

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    • ajooba

      very good

    • Ali

      Nobiko@ what wil happen if u wil gve 2/5 to jthj … tere kya okat hain….

  • Salman

    A change in cinema liked it was bored with south indian remakes , a superb film which will earn hearts more than money. Because its king of hearts srk

  • sohail khan

    amazing movie, how does shahrukh act has always been a question in bollywood

  • younu

    i just say wow…. wat a luv story…..the movie is awsome…….srk rockzzz again……….

  • younu

    my rating is 4.5/5

  • niku

    a vary bad script….

    • Ali

      Niku@ sally tou tu apni script bijwa deta , takke pata chalta k tere donkey jaise demagh mei kaise story hai…

  • UMAR

    excellent excellent excellent

  • tanya

    VERY goood , i love the new facette of srk!
    And katrina my god it’s a surprise, she have improve a lot. i’m her new fan.
    THE role of anush is very joyfull, she is great

    • manoj gujjar

      Nice movie yr sahrukh……

  • manisha

    Main rahungi SRK ki fan jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan jab tak hai jaan

  • Daba flim hai

    Simple type of romance…nt so good…nd it’s nt a family entner.

  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan

    I love it So Great Romance :0)

  • sahil

    great work….4.5/5

  • Amelia D

    I was very disappointed. Too draggy and Anushka’s role was unnecessary. The story would not have been affected if she was not in it. Just romance and nothing else. Very illogical reasons for some things,like Kat making silly promises to god was unreal. BAD film.

    • Ali

      howmany films do u think is realistic… everyone has its own taste for films … watch n chill why taking tension … ye hota tou yun hota aur agr yun hota tou ase hota…hahhahahaha

  • naman

    its fanatastic movie srk fans thumbs up
    who r nt srk fans doesnot abuse himm

  • india

    stupid flim i give 1/5 son of sardaar rocks i give 4.5/5

    • Ali

      tere kuch kehne se kya farq parta hai… agr tou 1/5 deta hai…tere kya okat hain hahhahaha

  • Ranger1

    I like the movie.. SRK u r always best in your performance. People who beleive in true love will definately like it. I will rate it 4/5. Those who r not a fan of SRK plz dont abuse better b quite and u can praise your own celebrity.


  • munnabhai

    excellent movie this one is for diwali enjoy dont miss it

  • zulqarnain rustamani matli

    greatest movie i have ever watchd in my life, it isnt script that made srk king , but srk who made script unnecesary for stardom, i give 5 out of 5 to srk and 4.5 out of 5 to film plot , must watch is my verdict

  • bharat lal tando muhammad khan

    movie is awesome and srk is king of cinema not just hindi cinema, he is what he shows, he is industry of stardom, way he says everythng with truth is par in bollywood, he is mighty and orieocentric in jthj

  • sukhwinder singh

    top movies of 2012 , (1) jthj (2) houseful2 (3) ek tha tiger (4) barfi (5) bol bachchan (6) raaz3 (7) agneepath.

  • Linda

    Jthj Rocks,salman & ajay ar impotent beast & sos is a flop

  • fatima

    ..heard a critic said immortal.?immortal my foot….!no offense but dis is jst a waste of time nd money…very borin movie…wit unrealistic screenplays… 4rm a fish seller 2 a bomb detonator/soldier…how endearin..!?:-D

    • Ali

      ye jo baki heroes at a time 100 logo ko mar dee hain is it ossible in real life…salman khan is kameez gt tore itself is it possible… its movie just to entertain odience …dont say so much in jealousy ..alll actors works hard to give us their best … salman ne pon se tuje din raat ke roti kay paise bijwane hai … chor sally !!

  • Abhinnn

    I don’t understand wen some ppl hate srk so much how can they go n spend time n money on his picture then and write comments …ppl r so confused…SRK U ROCK

  • manoj gujjar

    I m sharukh fan.love to sharukh.ap mei se jo b srk fan ho to msg or miss cl kre 9015828645 dekhte h srk fan kitne h……

  • ashu ropar

    v good movie sharukh is romantic hero katrina is good job king of romance

  • Linda

    Fatima shut ur fat mouth,it is u salman khan & ajay devgn dat are demented deranged freaks! Allah punish all of you,Shahrukh khan rocks,he is d star of bollywood,jthj rocks & sos is a flop!

    • varun

      yaar ye phone bekar hai download naiho raha……

    • www.naqvi@yahoo.com

      hoooooooooooooo hayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Ali

    ajey dewgan , amir khan n salman khan are all jealous of shahrukh khan …. badshah is the only best actor of Bollywood

    • Ali

      first amir khan changed his film dated from june to november just not to give much weeks for shshrukhfilm…
      than ajey create tension for him … n all this tension behind the ugly role was played by salman khan …he acted so cheap by doing po po song n saying so much against the movie jthj … they all r wooried tht maybe jthj collect more than their films… but badshah is the badsha of acting … he rocks always !!

      • zoeya

        koi tumhare badshah se jealous feel ni krta. understand.Nows a days Salman khan is givibg a hit by hit. Now shahrukh needs to think ki KAB TAK HAI JAAN..SALMAN IS BEST.

    • yash


  • ravi singh

    sos best movie..

  • sameer khan

    Jab hai jaan and son of sardar pe war kane aa raha hai salman khan ka dabangg 2 salman khan sabpe bhari hai sabse panga lena pathan se nahi khan is the best star in the film indastrie

  • yogesh reddy

    dear jab tak hi jaan is best movie .YES CHOPRA jo aaj hum logo kai saath nahi hai .he was best one . i solute you YES CHORA JEE .you was best director .this year was very bad for us .

  • Giridhari

    How can i dounload This film

  • Amit

    jab tak hai jaan is best romantic movie . Shahrukh ,katrina and anushka all three actors played their roles very nicely.. 4.5/5 points

  • Tajamal

    PLz MOVIE DoWnload ho ja

  • sachin

    jab tak hai jaan will rock against the son of sardaar

    • rahman

      so nice

  • barana

    for all my friends, who’s have jab tak hai jaan movie ,please share to me ea,,
    ,because I can’t to douwnload it, and I varry need it,

  • kunal kashyap


  • rashi

    movie download bahut slow hai

  • havaana

    what a bakwas
    i dont know how to download it

  • apurwa

    i like very much