Jab Tak Hai Jaan: What was wrong with the last film Yash Chopra directed?

Jab Tak Hai Jaan: What was wrong with the last film Yash Chopra directed?

In spite of more than a dozen glaring flaws that we could find, Yash Chopra and Shahrukh Khan – and, of course, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma and the rest of the Yash Raj Films gang – managed to rule the box office with the year’s biggest hit so far

Okay, so we weren’t expecting a watertight love story in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. We weren’t even hoping it would be unpredictable or something we couldn’t figure out at all. A good ol’ fashioned classic love saga featuring Shahrukh Khan directed by Yash Chopra would have been entirely palatable, and we could have come out of the theatre all happy with the knowledge that our logic and sense were respected. But sadly, it wasn’t to be! In many parts in the story, Jab Tak Hai Jaan not only tested our brains – which we forgot to leave at home, since no one told us we should – but actually assaulted them and defiled that delicate ground between cinematic liberty and pulling bunnies outta hats!

Anyway, so here we are, taking a brief look at how our senses were flayed by sheer illogic. We won’t go the whole hog, we promise! We’re just looking at plot flaws that were so obvious that we couldn’t help giggling out loud!

Anushka is the real superhero! Anushka Sharma is way more hardcore than the Kamikaze-like Shahrukh who defuses bombs without a safety suit – and that’s another point. She is even more of a brute than all the Army jawans put together. Where they wear light sweaters for the day and full cold gear by night, our babe roams around all pretty, dressed in teenie little shorts in the snow-covered valley.

Because God says lovin’ ain’t cool business! Wasn’t Jesus all about love? So what makes Katrina, who is a Punjabi anyway (secularism, okay!), make the dumbest most pathetic promise ever made?! Why oh why would she want to promise God that she will never be with the love of her life? Sure, she has demons from her past haunting her, but loving someone and taking a mortal promise to not love them, all for no apparent reason, seems a bit daft. Not a bit….VERY daft!

Learn Punjabi in one song! Learning English is easy business for our boy Shahrukh aka Samar Anand, since he’s selling fish to grumpy Brits all day. But we couldn’t digest how Katrina could learn Punjabi by singing a rustic ballad, which even the Chopras would have had a tough time learning!

A rather unusual bomb squad! Okay, we have seen bomb squad officers being gung-ho about their job, and diffuse them nasty things minus safety suits. But Shahrukh crosses limits. The dude defused bombs like he would repair the fuse for his local light connection!

Buffalo soldier! Which army in the world recruits a cook from London as a soldier, and one who is well past the prescribed age and into his late 20s? Professional armies, as far as we know, do not operate like that. Mercenaries do! And so do terrorists…

Watch both sides before you cross! The film scares you out of your wits by using a very clever plot line. The seemingly innocent act of crossing the road becomes a turning point in the film. After Shahrukh becomes a chronic accident victim, it’s tough not to shout out loud at the screen when any actor in the film – or any other, from now on – so much as approaches a street!

My name is Samar, and now I ain’t a terrorist! When Shahrukh has seen firsthand and in person off-screen what it is to be Asian, being body-searched at random and being detained at airports for hours, we wonder just how he could so nonchalantly walk up to a bomb in the UK, introduce himself and defuse the darn thing? And all this while his memory as a bomb expert is just beginning to return!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • salman

    but the real thing is the story is an original not a remake thats it,and the acting which srk does mindblowing,

    • Keith

      Well said bro Salman. The author seems to have lost it. Perhaps reeling from the effect of son of sardar.

      • BGM

        You are wrong by critisng. This is a movie only. I don’t think you are right by taking here & there pieces of fault.
        it shows you are against SRK. The movie is excellent with
        beautiful scenery, music, songs and of course the performance of SRK & katrina.

  • karan

    The most boaring and Pakayu movie of the year………

    Waiter ,,,,,,,,,,Soldier ban gaya………

    • Ali

      agar gOD TUJE BANNA LE GHALTI SE , Tou tu khushi se mar jai ga …. tere film ka naam ho ga…me khushi se mar giya …hahahahha

  • Raghu

    Did u post a similar sort of article when gravity defying fights or stunts are shown in many films this year…and many big movies in which we have 2 search for plot instead of loop holes!!! U may say it Yashji’s Film but many of his stories are not completely flawless..they are remembered for their performances and cinematic locales and different approach towards a regular known story..After a long tym Lead pair of a big film performed to the best of their abilities..encourage them!!

  • salman ka fan

    abse ye website bhi ghatiya and farzi website ki list me shamil ho gyi..itna farzi article……..
    ye bata ki ajkl konsi movie me sense hota h…
    nd agar sbse kuch sense wala hoga to movie ka matlab hi kya rahega

  • Rohit

    Nothing was wrong in this movie. It managed to do what it was supposed to do i.e to touch your heart. Above article is yours and only yours opinion. Those who does not have a self opinion will buy your argument. Looking for sense in a story itself is non-sense. So buddy grow-up. It was a gr8 movie and i could carry something with me as i left the theater. Unfortunately we will not be able to see any such well narrated love stories hereafter from the king of romance. Yashji Thankyou for this diwali gift that you left behind for the movie goers. Have been fed up seeing crap action and slapstick comedy movies

  • Ralph

    EXCUSE ME??? Biggest HIT???

    Its Ek Tha Tigerrrrr thank you very much!
    JTHJ couldnt even come CLOSE to ETT in terms of collections.

  • ArshiForever

    Please add *spoiler* to this review! Don’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched it yet

  • aditya

    if u analyse the story so closely then every movie is a crap whether hollywood or bollywood!!!!!!!!so dont be such a negative !!!!!!!

  • Neha

    It is just a movie.. for fun time, for enjoyment… not for any thesis, right??Move is FANTASTIC… katrina has done a brilliant job… Anushka is Fabulous with full of energy… and SRk, AS ALWAYS FANTABULOUS…… he is the real ROMATIC HERO…..

    Those who havnt watch the movie… go and watch it… you will have a good time for sure!!

    • anand

      saale jhooth kyun bol raha hai be…………………………

  • ashish

    abe salman ki daband aur bodyguard m kya tha???
    evn isme actingtab v thi,,,,cmon dude grow up

  • Linda

    Jthj rocks,omg so intrestin all srk haters go 2 hell

  • Shzwz

    Thank god I escaped from this illogical crap movie thanks Bollywoodlife for saving my life… Srk must retire now..

    • Ali

      shahrukh agr retire ho gai ga , tou kya us k seat tuje mili ge …hahahhhahaha

  • asif eqbal

    years biggest hit so far?????????? whats wrong with author Reza Noorani???? Now i seriously feel that media is not geniuine and is biased towards shahrukh khan.

  • kajs

    srk loser…jthj boring so far

  • dev

    boring movieee,,,,,we expect more from yash ji’s last filmmmm,,,,,,,total disappointment…………srk please stop acting in such boring moviesssss,,,,,,,

    • Ali

      shahrukh chor de aur tou us k jaga le .. kun k tuje bohut ache actng ati hai hahhahahaha behn chod ! jthj is awesome movie

  • Ali

    fantastic movie n acting… every scene was awesome …shahrukh rocks!!

  • b m

    i think now time have lost of director are before me who written about jthj.finally best film from yash chopra and best
    act from king kat anu.

  • Ajooba

    i think SRK already done kissing and cheap scenes way before. ofcourse no one knew him than in Maya Memsaab , all his fans inlcuding media conveniently forgotten it now hahahhahahhhh

    • Ali

      AJOOBA @ u are by sure Ajooba … tera b bara dil chahta ho ga k shahrukh tuje kiss kre…kabi us k ghalti se tuje kya tou khushi se mar jai ge… apni sab friends ko fakar se bate ge k king khan has kissed ur ugly lips hahhahaaha

  • Linda

    Shahrukh khan is d best actor in d world,jthj is a very intrestin movie,Allah bless yash chopra

  • H K Prabhakar

    In spite of more than a dozen glaring flaws……

    We are not here in this world to count flaws, but to enjoy what good is available.

    Anyone can point out mistakes even in the best diamond in the world.

  • jack

    very bad movie and very WORST actor shahrukh khan
    i think police should use this film for torture or 3rd degree on guilty

  • ali

    shahrukh ki film dekhna apna sir diwar pe marna jesa

  • john

    the worst movi of the 100 years

  • Mohammad Sohail

    Dear Writer, you have given very few flaws of the movie i will bring to your notice many more……..The movies shows shahrukh falling in love with the girls but he hides that he is already married to ghauri and have two kids….. then he is
    a filmstar but in film he is showed as an army officer…. he is just lipsing on the songs…. he can take musican with him when he is singing to army area….very bad movie?????? the movie dont have the real names…. Mr writer i m not a fan of any movies but the movies are made for entertainment. Kisie cheez per be critic krna ahsan hai magar usko kar k dekhana mushkil hai…. so ap please behth kr paisay bnanaye ki khatar kisie pr b critics na karen to behtar ha….. jis din ap ne apni film bnaye tou phr behth kr dosraun ki filmaun pr baat kijyega…..



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