Jacqueline Fernandez buys an island in Sri Lanka

Yes, you read it right! While apna B-town’s rich stars are known to invest in happening spots across the country and overseas, the Race 2 actor has shockingly surpassed her fellow artistes in the property-buying race. She has bought an entire island. Wow!

We know it’s difficult to digest, but the fact is that Jacqueline Fernandez has recently purchased an island off the south coast of her hometown, Sri Lanka. And you know what? The island which the hot babe has bought is close to the one that was purchased some time ago by the Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara. Hmmm… the debonair cricketer will now enjoy the company of the pretty new neighbour. Can we smell something fishy here?

And as if this was not enough, we have also heard that Jackie is planning to build a huge villa too. Considering the number of films (read ‘successful films’) she has done so far, we really wonder whether Ms Fernandez has actually made that much money, or has she already started thinking about her retirement plans and is investing wisely to the best of her abilities?