Jacqueline Fernandez: It’s difficult to choose between sex and food!

We recently caught up with Jackie and asked her few personal questions. Well, it was absolute fun and we also managed to get some feisty answers…

She is beautiful, intelligent and talented – that’s Jacqueline Fernandez in a nutshell. Not to forget, she is a big time foodie as well and turning a restaurateur has just validated her love for all things gastronomic. Currently, Ms Fernandez is busy promoting her new film Kick co-starring Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Randeep Hooda. So we met the leggy lass few days back and spoke to her about Kick but we also ended up asking few non-filmi questions. Here’s our conversation or should we say rapid fire with Jacqueline Fernandez…

Describe yourself in one word


Salman Khan


One thing you fear losing

My willpower

One thing you always carry in your bag

Hand sanitizer

Food or sex

Ahhhh…it’s a difficult one (laughs). Sex is there for reproduction and food is there for survival. How do you choose between the two? They both are needed for survival so I have to go with both (smiles)

Cheesiest pick-up line used on you

I don’t think anyone has used a pick-up line on me

Is it cool for gals to ask out guys?

Yes, it very cool…

So if you had to ask out an actor from Bollywood

It’s very cool but I’ll never do it (laughs). I would never ask a guy out because that way I think I am little bit traditional. But I think its super cool if the girl has the guts to ask out a guy. Coz if you feel something, you should let it out and be honest about it. But I am traditional and would prefer the guy to ask me out And he doesn’t then I’d let it go…

Salman with shirt or Salman without shirt

With a shirt coz he would still look hot