Jacqueline Fernandez or Deepika Padukone : Who should star opposite Salman in Shhuddhi? Vote now!

Jacqueline Fernandez or Deepika Padukone : Who should star opposite Salman in Shhuddhi? Vote now!

Ever since the Kick actor has given a green signal to starring in the Karan Johar project we can’t stop thinking about the leading lady for the same…

Rumour mills were abuzz that Deepika Padukone is being considered to star opposite Salman Khan in Karan Johar’s much-delayed production Shhuddhi. We even got an inside scoop on how Dippy is willing to make adjustments in her tight schedule for Shhuddhi. And most likely Deepika will be finalised as the leading lady to star opposite Salman by the makers of Shhuddhi.

But ever since Kick has released and we have seen Salman and Jacky’s chemistry onscreen we can’t stop wanting to see the hot couple paired together once more! Even Karan Johar praised Jacky’s performance via Twitter.

Though we’d be equally thrilled if Dippy stars opposite Salman, yet we think that Jacqueline, who has proven her caliber as a performer in Kick, would also dazzle in the production!

We are torn between the two actors and want you to solve this one of us! Vote and tell us who you think would make a better heroine for the Kick actor in Shhuddhi!

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  • Leela

    Of course Deepika. DIPY THE BEST

  • ajmal

    only katrina makes the perfect pair with salman

    • lovedeepi

      in YOUR opinion

      • Sriru

        @Lovedeepi Most of the salman khan fans feel that way idiot.

        • lovedeepi

          jac has a movie with salman
          now its deepikas time to do a movie with him
          salman even wants a movie with deepika,because she have more succes than jac,but it were okay to do a film with jac again,but fair with deepi:)

          you’re an idiot if you do not see the so

          • lovejacki

            You are a tootal looser dnt try to prove it

  • natey

    kajol wud be something different n she will work for kj film

  • Sheila

    Deepika please. Salman and Deepika would be a great pair <3

  • lovedeepi

    deepika should do it with salman

  • yazz

    priyanka only

  • Siddiqui

    jacqueline of course. Deepika is too tall for him. Jacqueline’s and salman’s chemistry is just woww!!!! Love both of them.

  • Shaina Khan

    jakie would be best wid salman

  • radha

    deepika ofcourse , jackline is no where close to deepika’s popularity and beauty and acting skills

    • lovedeepi

      your right:=)

      • lovejacki

        If u like deepika so much keep it ur self without showoff

  • EE

    New pair of Salman- Deepika would be good, he has already worked with Jacqueline in Kick

  • Vhicvhic Mastura Otto

    Jacqueline after watching #Kick oh my the best dancer ever best actress indeed

  • ali zafar

    kareena kapoor looking nice with salman.

  • imran salame

    yes kareena kapoor and salman khan.

  • kkk…sk

    salman and kareena kapoor looking nice in shuddhi……..

  • kkk…sk

    first choice is this movie is kareena kapoor.that way kapoor girl looking best with
    salman khan.

  • salman khan

    salman kkhan and kareena kapoor

  • kkk kareena kapoor KHAN

    KARN and KAREENA is very close friends maybe is KAREENA and SALMAN in SHUDDHI.

  • kkk kareena kapoor KHAN


    • lovedeepi

      no one has talk about kareena…

  • aliya

    I think deepika she is perfect for part and somewhere looks like kjo also want to star dp

  • lovedp

    Love to see Deepika with Salman

  • Mocking Jay

    Jacqueline all the way!

  • filsan

    Jaqueline and salmankhan best chemistry onscreen

  • Vhicvhic Mastura Otto

    Jacqueline fabulous xpressions in kick superb chemistry beauty and brain

  • priya

    Deepika Deepika Deepika

  • nish

    Jacqueline fernandes all the way man…
    she is drop dead gorgeous and bring her own fresh aura and
    acting skills to the screen…give her a chance guys!

  • nims

    Anushka will be the best choice……as karan is very much impressed wid anushka after shoot wid her in bombay velvet……he said anushka is d perfect choice for dostana2

    • nims

      I am not saying deepika is a bad actor…..but now a daysss she is into so many things whether ad or movie or any other function…..now want to see some fresh faces on screen or else dippy should understand agar itna hi camera mein aati rahi toh fan bore ho jayenge dekh dekh kar

  • gabriela

    neither, should be madhuri or preity, but of the two of them i prefer deepika

  • Sana

    Only Deepika Padukone :)

  • Salman’s Lover

    Deepika Padukone will look best with Salman Bhai…..

  • Rina

    Deepika should work with Salman

  • Aamir Ali

    Not Jacqueline she is too boring actress I want to see Deepika with Salman Khan.

  • Suzii

    Only Deepika will look best with Salman Khan

  • Salman

    Deepika Deepika Deepika that’s it.

  • Sallu’sFan

    Deepika it’s time for you now. Go and Do this movie i want to see you with Salman Khan.

  • Rozi

    Deepika All The Best. You Have To Work With Salman Khan :)

  • secretdeepi-love

    deepika all the way she is far better than jac :)

  • Relika

    Jacqueline is a talented and hot actress she is uncompareable with deepika bcz she is so much better than deepika u people ar so lame…….

  • Relika

    Jacqueline should be the one oposite to Salman

  • Relika


  • Relika

    Jacqueline the greatest

  • Relika

    Jacqueline is soo talented than deepika

  • Relika

    Choose jacqueline idjits

  • Relika

    Only jacqueline

  • Relika

    Jacqueline ferandez

  • Relika


  • Relika

    Not dumb deepika jacqueline

  • Relika


  • Relika


  • Relika

    JF greatest

  • Relika


  • Relika

    Jacqueline fernandez

  • Andrew

    Jacquelie is sexiest and talented no actress can beat her spcially deepika

  • afras

    Hail to the queen jacqueline