Jacqueline Fernandez regrets letting ‘Krrish 3’ go

Guess Sajid Khan’s mentoring didn’t work very well for Jacqueline who now regrets her decision

Remember how Jacqueline Fernandez got all picky and choosy when Raaz 3 and Krrish 3 were offered to her? It looks like the model-turned-actor has finally realized her folly. While she doesn’t really regret letting Raaz 3 slip for the fear of being stereotyped, Jacky surely regrets losing out on the Hrithik Roshan starrer. Even though it is said that Sajid Khan was the one who discouraged her from doing the film, Jacqueline maintains lack of dates was what made her let the film go. Fernandez says in an interview, “It was unfortunate clash of dates. I felt a major burden on lot of people, so I had to make the decision. Both parties tried hard to make it work, but it didn’t work. It’s my bad luck I couldn’t do Krrish 3.”

Really? We thought you opted out because of the much talked about lip lock with Roshan Jr. Nudge, nudge. Do not worry, Jacky, with Sajid Khan in vicinity we understand your apprehensions about revealing the ‘real’ reason behind your regrets.